How to teach to tell a korella

How to teach to tell a korella

Korella are parrots which are often got by houses as pets as they are clever and beautiful. And their most attractive line – ability to sing and speak. It is not more difficult to teach this korell, than to train a dog. But it is necessary to allocate enough time and to stock up with patience. The main thing is to be engaged regularly.


1. That told a korell, it is necessary to teach him since childhood, so far it is a baby bird. Therefore choose a young bird. Make sure that she is ill nothing and has no deviations, differently with training in a conversation there can be problems. If you want speaking parrot, do not buy couple – they will communicate among themselves therefore they will become difficult to be trained. At first let's a bird get used to you, to a new situation therefore do not begin occupation at once. Accustom to a korell to hands better, wait until it ceases to be afraid of people. Pay to it much attention, talk to it, call by name or play.

2. One person has to train. Allocate about 45-50 minutes for daily classes. This time can be divided into several parts, for example, to be engaged five times a day ten minutes. It is desirable to train to speak in the mornings, this most favorable time for a parrot. Before beginning a training, carry a cage with a parrot to the separate room where he will not be distracted by extraneous noises. Do not let out him and if it took off, then take a rag or a net and accurately move to a cage.

3. Choose a phrase in which you want to train a korella. The most widespread: "Beautiful birdie", "good Petrusha" or "How are you doing?". It is desirable that sounds "р" repeated, "to", "t", "and", "about" as to a korella the easiest to say them. But it is possible to teach any offer, the main thing – very often to repeat it. Parrots grab only those sounds which are heard regularly. Therefore they quickly begin to imitate a call of phone or miaow of a cat.

4. Repeat a phrase many times with identical intonation. It is necessary to address a bird, but not to speak in air. You pronounce words tenderly, not sharply, slowly and accurately. You speak rather loudly, at the same height. It is considered that korella better perceive a female voice therefore it is simpler to women to teach them to talk. You pass to the following phrase when the bird completely mastered previous and says sounds accurately. If you want the parrot to tell offers to the place, it is necessary to accompany them with any actions. For example, repeat "A cache bathes" during bathing. So he will talk more consciously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team