How to tell about a dog

How to tell about a dog

If you have four-footed the friend, and you need to make the story about it, report about its habits and abilities. In the story you will be able not only to describe appearance of your pet, but also to emphasize his devotion and friendliness, mind and abilities.


1. Tell about when and under what circumstances in your family the pet, the new family member appeared. Share reminiscence about the first impression which he made on you. For example, you can tell about your cherished dream: to have the loyal friend, a dog.

2. Report about breed. Pay attention in the story to features of behavior of dogs of this breed. Tell also about its family tree (parents, their achievements, thoroughbredness or mixture of blood of different breeds).

3. Describe appearance of your pet (color, expression of eyes, features of the structure of parts of a body, a shape of ears, a tail, etc.).

4. Further tell about how call your friend and as there was an idea such nickname to him to give.

5. Remember some amusing situations from pet life in which you will be able to share impressions of his mischief, cunning, awkwardness, etc. For example, it is possible to tell about how he funny ran for cats or sgryz your house-shoes.

6. List habits of a dog. For example, report that he prefers to sleep in a matrimonial bed or always attentively sniffs and looks narrowly at new people in the house.

7. Tell how there took place education process: whether everything worked well with ease with what your canine friend did not want to be reconciled in any way. If your dog was brought up by the professional instructor, report about it.

8. Disclose character of your canine friend: lack of aggression, friendliness in relation to children or caution to strangers, capriciousness and willfulness. Tell how your dog manages to get on with other pets if those are available.

9. Tell about what your dog is trained in (to bring the stick thrown by you, to overcome special obstacles, to keep out of you foreign people, not to take from hands of strangers food, etc.).

10. If your dog participated in any competitions or competitions, tell about it. Do not forget to mention the won prizes and awards.

11. Tell about that, what do you think of the pet as you appreciate time spent together as he helps you to overcome depressions or just fatigue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team