How to think up a nickname to a dog

How to think up a nickname to a dog

Each dog has the character and habits, the name has to reflect these features of your pet. The nickname is the appeal to a dog, the signal inviting to communicate to the person. The dog remembers the name and understands emotions with which you say it.


1. It is much simpler to think up a name to a thoroughbred puppy, than a mongrel. Usually it is specified in the passport on what letter the nickname has to begin. It significantly narrows a circle of search of a suitable name. A thoroughbred and well-born puppy it is possible to call officially by the foreign name which will emphasize aristocratic origin of a dog. For example: Valdemar, Matilda, Solomon, Gertrude, Harold, etc. Of course, the house nickname has to be the reduced version of the official name which is written down in the passport.

2. If the puppy without passport, and the choice of a nickname is not limited by a certain letter, it is possible to think up a name, proceeding from character and behavior of a dog. Observe the pet, perhaps, he has an unusual manner of behavior which will push you on creation of a name. For example: The neatnik, Rychalka, the Jumper, Spun, Igruch, Is malicious, the Demon and many other things. It is possible to think up the nickname reflecting appearance of a puppy, for example: Skewbald, Spot, Fox, Down, Vorobey, etc.

3. If the puppy of large breed or at him domineering character, a regal look and proud gait, his name is slightly another. For example: King, Tsar, Graf, Prince, Lord, Knight, Baron, Viking, Pharaoh, etc. If no suitable nicknames all the same come to mind, call your dog in honor of some literary or animated hero. For example: Scooby Doo, Pluto, Guffi, Bruno, Bim, Dzhelsomino, Monmorancy and others. Anyway, the name of a dog has to be not long and quickly memorable that the puppy quickly acquired it and could respond. Therefore reduce full names to a lovely nickname: Zhelka, Monya.

4. It is not desirable to call a dog by any human name (exceptions - foreign). It is not too pleasant to people when their names call to animals. It is better to choose an original name, on your call: "Ball!", all Balls which are in an audibility zone can run together. For the same reason, do not call a dog by the cat's names. Whatever nickname you thought up, the most important that it was easy for you to say it also to your members of household.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team