How to train a Dobermann terrier

How to train a Dobermann terrier

Dobermann terrier – breed which is called by last name the famous German selector. He set as the purpose removal of dogs security guards, but eventually representatives of this breed began to be used only for the office purposes. These are the dogs who are perfectly giving in to education and training with the lowered painful sensitivity and good nose.


1. Basic rules and techniques of training puppyof Dobermann terrier standard, as well as for all dogs of office breeds. From the first days of appearance of a puppy in the house define for it the vacation spot and the place for feeding. Accustoming him to them, you already in couple of days teach to understand him and to execute the Place and To Me commands when you bring it to the vacation spot or to call up for feeding.

2. The puppy of a Dobermann terrier is distinguished by passionate desire to study and execute your commands. It, at times, has enough of what you just praise or you will caress him after the correct command execution, it will be ready to carry out them even without any tidbits. Such classes bring to a Dobermann terrier true pleasure.

3. Esteem about that, to behave properly with dogs of prepotent breeds whom also the Dobermann terrier treats. To continue to hold authority with the grown-up dog and that it implicitly executed your commands, you need to remain for it "leader". You feed him after ate, you leave at doors earlier, than he, do not allow to lie on the bed, be consecutive and always try to obtain execution of your teams. Only this way you will be able to achieve subordination and obedience from a Dobermann terrier.

4. Never you give classes in training if you something are angry or were tired. The dog will feel it at once, and any occupation will be useless. Try to work some new team not for long that the dog was not tired. Usually, there is enough 10-15 minutes, set skill on the following walk. Try to obtain from it what is required to you. Dobermann terriers are very bright and, at times, can imitate misunderstanding, checking the owner for the sequence and hardness. To train a dog in teams, only the owner has to train her.

5. The mobile and playful breed, a Dobermann terrier hard transfers contents in close rooms. Suffering from it, he can begin to spoil furniture and to gnaw footwear. It is possible to disaccustom him with punishment – increase in a voice, sending "into place" or, as a last resort", easy blow of the put newspaper in a croup. But consider that it is necessary to punish a dog right after she committed "crime". Also do not abuse punishments, the Dobermann terrier – very sensitively reacts to communication, use intonation more often and try to support with it emotional contact.

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