How to train a dog to look for mushrooms

How to train a dog to look for mushrooms

Dogs are used long since as the assistant on hunting. But the clever dog can not only help to pursue an animal or to bring a bird. The trained dog is irreplaceable also at "silent hunting". If in the summer and in the fall you regularly go to the forest on mushrooms, it makes sense to teach the pet to find them.

How to teach a dog to hunt mushroomsTo teach a dog to look for a certain species of mushrooms not so difficult. For example, in Europe specially teach dogs to look for truffles. The cost of rent of a clever animal reaches several hundred euros per day. Having used this technique, you can make a dog the assistant in your hobby. For a start begin to add a small amount of the mushroom broth received from one species of mushrooms to habitual food of your dog. Dogs a good nose, and will have enough one-two drops that the animal felt a smell and mentally connected among themselves aroma of mushrooms and food.

Accustom a dog is only after your team, otherwise you risk that the dog not only will find a mushroom, but also will try its the first. You lose production, and the dog can have an indigestion.

Then it is possible to start the second stage of training. Drip the same mushroom broth on a favourite toy of your dog, hide it and give a dog the command to begin search. After the animal managed to find a favourite ball or a rope, praise it and treat with delicacy.

At last came it is time to test a dog in practice. Take several mushrooms and hide them on the site familiar to your dog (it can be your seasonal dacha or the yard where you often walk). Order a dog to start search and do not forget to praise an animal after each find. If the dog successfully coped with the task, it is possible to go to the forest and to find mushrooms there.

ReefsAll mushrooms smell differently. You can teach your dog to look for boletuses, honey agarics or chanterelles, however to bring up a dog versatile person extremely difficult. The animal has to be clever, have special talent, and the patient and experienced instructor needs to work with it.

If you want to teach a dog to look for different types of mushrooms, then it is necessary to do it, serially accustoming a dog to associate each view with food and to search for it.

It is also necessary to remember that the dog will look not for mushrooms with a clean leg and an elastic hat, suitable for consumption, and all that smells of mushrooms. The animal will lead you and to recently cut off stumps, and to half to the decayed old fruit bodies. Trying to please the owner, the dog can run off on considerable distances in search of the production, and you should look for not only mushrooms, but also your animal. Accustom the pet or to signal about the find by means of bark, or you hold the pet on a lead that it was not lost.

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