How to train a pug

How to train a pug

Pug – widespread and favourite breed of dog in many countries. It is not surprising, at all the decorative effect and unpretentiousness, a pug – very cheerful, strong and playful dog. The comprehension and tendency to training and obedience which he can show only on condition of timely education, or socialization is characteristic of a pug. It is unlikely will come to someone to mind to train a pug as a sentry or security dog. But it is necessary to train the pet in good manners and the main teams, certainly.

It is required to you

  • Patience, endurance, kindness.


1. First of all you have to accustom a little puppy of a pug to respond on a nickname, to the place and to teams "Foo! and "It Is Impossible!". Nickname. Calling a puppy by name, caress him, stroke on a back. It is possible to treat with delicacy: a piece of cheese and or cookies for dogs. As a rule, puppies remember a nickname very quickly within several days.

2. Place. As soon as the puppy is going to have a rest under a table or on a rug, take it, carry to "Place" and after the corresponding team put there. Caress and repeat team. If he wants to run away, hold him, stroke, and when it settles, treat with something tasty and praise.

3. Team "Faugh!". Moves strictly - the menacing voice and only in extreme cases when dogs have to be immediately terminated (eating of scraps on the street, etc.). At the same time the sharp tone of your voice has to work instantly on a pug. If it did not happen, approach and repeat team, having at the same time stirred up it for a nape. In all other cases the forbidding command "It Is Impossible!" is given.

4. Now it is possible to fulfill teams. The first and the most important of them – the team "To Me!". This team is especially important. On walk, kind of far your puppy escaped, at any danger, at the command of "To Me!" he has to return to you immediately. For a pug the team "To Me!" has to be connected with something pleasant: caress, communication with the owner, feeding or just delicacy. At each feeding give to a puppy the command "To Me!". Put before it a bowl with food only when it approaches you according to your team. When he runs up to you, stroke and treat a puppy. Similar exercises have to be carried out regularly until the pug does not acquire team. The command "To Me!" has to be executed unconditionally. Avoid to give the command when the puppy is busy with something more interesting and can not pay the required attention to you.

5. Circulation is near. For working off of skill of circulation row it is necessary to accustom a puppy to a collar and a lead at first. As a rule, it is simple. At first put on a collar during the games when the puppy is busy and will not pay attention to it. When he gets used to a collar, fasten a lead. Walking with a puppy, just you hold a lead in hand and follow it. Then gradually pull a lead and bring closer a puppy to yourself. Gradually reduce lead length to pass to training in the movement with a row. As soon as he tries to overtake you or to go to other party, immediately breakthrough pull a lead, having put it into place. As soon as it acquires it, bend and caress him, praise. Daily work skill 5-10 minutes.

6. "To sit!". Stock up with delicacies — the pieces of meat or cheese cut very small. Let's a pug smell delicacy, then lift it over it so that it after a smell raised the head. As soon as the pug begins to sit down to lift up the head above, press a hand to him on a croup. Right there give delicacy and praise: "Well to sit!". After several exercises the puppy will compare the team "Sit!", delicacy and own pose, and will quickly learn to sit down on command. Gradually increase time spent by a puppy in a sitting position i.e. give delicacy not when he only sat down, and a little later (within a minute). At the same time gradually you depart from it. If he tries to rise and follow - give the command: "To sit!". In ideal option it is necessary to achieve that the dog remained in a sitting position until you cancel team.

7. "To lie!". Put a pug, bring delicacy to his nose, order "to Lie!". Lower a hand with delicacy at first steeply down, to his forepaws, and then take away it strictly forward. The pug will reach for delicacy, its front will be displaced forward and down, and the dog will be forced to lay down not to fall. If he makes it only half, slightly press to him on withers. As soon as he lays down, at once treat him with the made delicacy.

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