How to train a puppy

How to train a puppy

Puppy training – very responsible business which will demand from you patience, endurance and special knowledge. It is possible to begin classes when your pet is one and a half-two months old. To achieve results in training of a doggie, it is necessary to know several basic principles of training.


1. "To me!" When the puppy is not busy with any business, call him. If the pet runs up not at once, be not irritated and be not nervous. Call up him until it does not execute team. When the objective is achieved, well praise the favourite. Give to a doggie delicacy and caress him. Repeat exercise several times, be only not overzealous. The first trainings have to be no more than 10-15 minutes.

2. "To walk" it is possible to Train a puppy in this team along with the team "To Me!". As soon as the pet runs up to you and will receive deserved delicacy and caress, release him and order: "To walk!".

3. "To sit!" Take delicacy in the right hand and clamp it a thumb. Call a dog, let's it smell a treat. At the same time you hold a hand with an open palm near a nose of a puppy forward. When the puppy becomes interested, slowly raise a palm and you bring it for a puppy head. He should sit down as the treat is at it over the head. If the pet strongly spins, jump, try to get delicacy pads, from below hold it for a collar with the left hand. To say the sit team it is still useless, it is not necessary to order it on the first trainings. When the puppy sits down, say at once "well", please him with delicacy and stroking.

4. "To lie!" It is necessary to pass to development of this team, after well taught team "Sit!". When the puppy sits down, bring a treat to his nose and as soon as it reaches for it, take away your hand forward and down, pressing at the same time on withers. Most likely, you should repeat this exercise not once before the favourite begins to obey to team, but be resolute and be not satisfied with what has already been achieved.

5. "Place!" This rather complex team for a young dog. The training needs to be spent at home. It will be easier for pet to study team if you hide a treat or toys under a laying. Then at a dog the definition will be fixed: "place" - it is interesting and pleasant, and it with pleasure will execute the command.

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