How to train a puppy of a German shepherd

How to train a puppy of a German shepherd

Not without reason for a role of dogs filmstars often choose German shepherds. These beautiful, strong, clever dogs serve many decades people. They are used both as office, and for a cattle pasture, and just got as the best friends. But education of German shepherds cannot be neglected at all.


1. The German shepherd is a dog clever and executive therefore special difficulties with her training at you will not arise. But that process took place easily, study features of this breed. From the name of breed clear that it was removed for a cattle pasture. Therefore in a German shepherd the prosecution instinct is put – these dogs like to chase animals, and sometimes and people. At the very beginning of training process you have to let a dog know that you are her commander, "the leader of pack". Do not let to a dog to feel main at all, do not allow it to control training process. If you do not control completely a dog, she just will not submit to teams.

2. The dog has to have only one trainer. If you undertook this role, then you have to do together with it everything – walk with it, you feed it, play with it and be engaged, do not give these duties to anybody. Besides, what you will spend with a dog more time, especially trusting relationship will develop between you. If the dog trusts you, then he will and obey. However it does not mean that the dog needs to forbid communication with other family members. It is admissible only if you train a guard dog. If you just decided to train the pet in the main teams, allow others to play with him.

3. As the sheep-dog belongs to shepherd's dogs, she needs constant physical activities. Allow it to run every day quite long distances, allow to play with other dogs. If there is such opportunity, organize classes in the pool – let floats. Without regular trainings the dog will feel bad.

4. Train a dog in the main teams, such how "to Sit", "Lie", "Place", "Faugh", "Nearby". Remember that all these teams need to teach an animal at puppyish age. The concept of the place in general needs to train a dog when you for the first time bring her home. Show it the place where she will sleep and tell: "Place!". From time to time you carry a puppy there and remind him that it and is his place. He will get used soon. To train a puppy in the Sit and Lie teams, you should add and stack at first independently a puppy, saying at the same time team. That the puppy remembered team "Nearby", on walk give him the command from time to time and carefully tighten to yourself a lead. Always encourage a dog for the performed task – to German shepherds your praise is especially important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team