How to train a puppy of a Jack Russell Terrier in house conditions

How to train a puppy of a Jack Russell Terrier in house conditions

Jack Russell Terrier – an active and mobile hunting dog who can become the beautiful partner. The pet differs in independent character and needs training. The bright dog quickly remembers the main teams, but for fixing of success it is necessary to train him daily.

What the Jack Russell Terrier is capable of

All terriers differ in extremely independent character, love of freedom and even willfulness. It are extremely active, need long walks and active games. That life with such pet did not turn into a big problem, the puppy should be trained from the most early age.

The Jack Russell Terrier acquires teams quickly, but without due training also promptly forgets them. The key to success - daily trainings, tranquility of the owner, severity without cruelty and obligatory promotion of each success of a dog.

At frequent classes the terrier is capable to acquire all main teams in 1-2 months. Some dogs give in to training better than others, they are capable to master various tricks. But the main thing is to teach a gek-rassel to bases. Because of the temperament the dog will constantly distract therefore it is necessary to be engaged in the lonely place, far away from other dogs, cars, sources of sharp sounds. Dog handlers recommend to start trainings when the puppy is 2 months old, the main vaccination will be done and there will come time of walks.

That the well-mannered puppy has to know: training bases in house conditions

Before starting classes, it is necessary to make sure that the puppy well knows the nickname. It is not necessary to call by its diminutives: the dog will get confused and will cease to react.

Most the team is important for any puppy of "To Me". Jack-rassela seat, the owner departs on several steps and says team, stretching to a puppy delicacy. When the dog approaches, it is necessary to praise and treat him. Then the task is complicated: the owner calls up the pet, does not show him food. After the puppy approaches, he is praised and treated. After a while gek-rasset will execute the command without delicacy, but it should be noted his merits in couple of kind words.

At the same time the puppy has to master the Foo command. When he selects an undesirable subject, it is necessary to take away it, having strictly said "Foo". It is impossible to smile and praise a puppy, otherwise he will take training for a game.

Important team for an active gek-rassel – "Nearby". It is worked during walk, the puppy goes on a lead. When he seeks forward, the lead stretches, the team sounds. If the pet submits and shortens a stride, it is encouraged with delicacy. When the dog masters the command, it is fulfilled without lead.

During training it is impossible to shout at a puppy or to beat him. The pet will begin to be afraid of a training, to hide from the owner. The first sessions last 15-20 minutes, over time they can be extended to half an hour. Too long you should not train the kid, he will be tired and will begin to distract. It is better to be engaged before food, the tasty lunch will become a well-deserved reward to the pet and an additional incentive.  

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