How to train a rat

How to train a rat

For many people who are inveterate conservatives and hate any innovations, a rat, let even decorative, was always a such embodiment something not absolutely pleasant. However the world changes also number of those who get as pets of rats and other "exotic", constantly grows. So gradually century stereotypes fall.

Presently it is possible to tell with confidence that a decorative rat – one of the most widespread pets. This extraordinary quick and vigorous being, besides, it is very bright and not against to come into contact with the person, having learned several simple teams.

From simple to difficult

Training of decorative rats, however, as well as training of other pets, always begins with the simplest and clear teams. The rat is bright by nature and pretty fast begins to understand everything that the owner demands from her.

It is noticed that white decorative rats are given "science" a little heavier, than black and painted in other shades. However to teach simple teams quite really rats of any coloring, and process of this "training" is very interesting to the person as each animal has to it the, especially individual approach.

Food – a training basis

The decorative rat pays the closest attention, of course, to food. It that also should be used to teach an animal to the first simple teams. For a start it is necessary to take some delicacy (it can be a sunflower sunflower seed, a tiny piece of meat or boiled egg) in a hand and to stretch it to an animal. During it "gesture of kindness" it is necessary to say a nickname of the pet several times. Such "classes" need to be given periodically and after a while the decorative rat will begin to react to a sound of a human voice. In order that the rat as soon as possible went for contact, her nickname has to be simple and distinct. You should not call an animal by a nickname from two or three words as process of training can be dragged out or in general come to grief. After the first successful stage of training you should not be satisfied with what has already been achieved. If the animal is already taught to react to the nickname, it it is possible also to teach to come back to the cage. For this purpose it is necessary to pour at the same time to a bowl of sterns of an animal and to call it to itself, calling a nickname and tapping with a bowl with a forage on some firm surface. It is necessary to tell that having taught a decorative rat to this simple team, the owner to get rid of need to catch constantly on the apartment of the pet having a tail. The third team does not represent any complexity at all, however from outside following "focus" can look very effectively. The task is in teaching a decorative rat to become on back pads. To make it simply – it is necessary to take in a hand some "yum-yum" like the same sunflower sunflower seeds, to bring it to the favourite and to raise gradually up, tender tone repeating a nickname. The rat is capable to learn this trick for only two-three "occupations".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team