How to train an adult dog

How to train an adult dog

Often dogs behave on the street ugly, do not listen to the owner, are torn from a lead and run away. If to you it got already adult, it will be more difficult to bring up. To train an adult dog, it is necessary to repeat steadily and consistently a certain sequence of actions, without getting off and without allowing indulgences.

It is required to you

  • - delicacy pieces;
  • - iron will.


1. At first train a dog by a targeting method, that is for delicacy. Be engaged with a dog on a hungry stomach that she had a motivation for work. If the full dog does not listen to you and does not want some delicacy, pass to feeding of a dog at the time of training, for example, cut meat on pieces, and give porridge after classes are given. For a dog on a dry feed it is even simpler – just give on a forage piece every time after the executed command.

2. Train a dog in team "Nearby". Put delicacy in a bag on a belt, you hold a dog on a lead. Go, holding a piece near the left leg, at the level of a muzzle of a dog. Having reached turn, you tell team "Nearby" and after turn you give a piece. When this stage is fulfilled, repeat the same, only get delicacy before the turn. Begin training of the house, you go outside only after fixing of the main skills, on the street continue in the quiet place, begin all over again. Only after the dog will begin to carry out everything smoothly, come to the crowded street where there are distracting factors.

3. Train in the To Me team. Begin to work at home. Take delicacy, show to a dog and order: "To me". When she approaches, give delicacy. The distance at the same time is not important, can just take a step back that she followed you. The more often you will be engaged houses, the better. On the street continue training at a long lead, begin to work in the quiet place without people and dogs. If the dog does not want to run up on command – tighten her small breakthroughs by means of a lead. Surely constantly study team of the house, every time encouraging a dog. At implicit command execution try to work without lead at the street.

4. Train a dog in the Sit team. Take delicacy, show it to the dog, bring to a nose, and other hand put a dog. As soon as she sat down – give a piece. At the same time you say team 1 time – when the dog sits down. To fulfill endurance that it did not dart off, you speak "to Sit" and you give a tidbit. One team – one piece. Then you give the command "Walk" and you release a dog.

5. After any command is executed, begin to alternate delicacy to a praise (Well! Well done!). Do not give together with a praise delicacy at all – either that, or another. You remember, the command can be given only once. If after that the dog did not execute the command – punishment has to follow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team