How to train horses

How to train horses

Horses are the clever and beautiful animals having own bright character which needs to be considered if you want to train a horse. If you want the animal to be betrayed to you, then never offend a horse, treat her strictly, but it is soft. To train horses sometimes happens not easy, but all efforts I will are rewarded by their devotion.


1. First of all it is necessary to get acquainted with a horse. It is impossible to approach her behind, the horse can kick, the unfamiliar horse can also bite you therefore the best is to approach to get acquainted to it sideways. If the animal does not trust you, it will not allow to sit down on itself, will kick, to neigh loudly. Characters of horses are different. Some of them quiet, allow to go by themselves practically at once. Others, with a habit, and try to bite or dump the rider, stallions can try to fight with other representatives of the look. At communication with a horse the most important is a tranquility and confidence. If the animal understands that you are afraid of it, it will never allow you to order itself.

2. The age of a horse suitable to begin to train her – 1.5 or 2 years. Only experienced horsemen – skilled people who are able to treat horses do it. Strangers are not present at this procedure not to stir a horse and not to irritate her. First of all put a halter on an animal. When the zherebchik gets used, put on already a bridle. After that it is accustomed to a saddle, and some time it under supervision runs on a cord, accustoming with new "regimentals".

3. When the horse accustoms with a bridle and a saddle, the skilled rider easy and small growth sits down on her. Quite often he is in addition tied as not trained animals jump and try to dump the person. The rider has to know a horse that she trusted him and felt in is mute someone stronger her. The horse tries to jump and dump the person for some time which depends on her character and on experience of the rider. It is the period from several days to several weeks, but extremely seldom it is more than a month.

4. Some people who consider that they have no time to spend time for trained horses try to break mentality of an animal. Earlier in villages to horses to calm them character, bound the sleigh with winter runners in the summer, or tore bridles of companies to young horses, erased them the back unusual to work under a saddle. The horse from such cruelty can even go crazy. Anyway, it will not be a healthy animal, his mentality will forever be damaged. It is necessary to treat a horse as to the independent personality who she also is. Then it is possible not only to visit it, but also to make friends with this clever and beautiful animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team