How to train the Caucasian sheep-dog

How to train the Caucasian sheep-dog

Before the person gets this breed of dog, it is necessary to think well whether he will be able independently to cope with training, whether he has on that forces, an opportunity and desire. The thing is that this breed of dog differs in special malignancy and the alerted behavior. They are capable to strike the victim to death, without expecting approval of the owner. At the same time the Caucasian can become the excellent security guard of the territory. In the course of the trainings of people has to make use not only all accumulated experience, but also the intuition. It can prompt as it is correct to find approach to an animal.


1. Training by a certain method does not approach this breed at all. To establish the most close connection with a dog try not to consider her an animal. Even in the consciousness it is worth recording that it is your friend who is capable to understand the workmate perfectly.

2. All Caucasian sheep-dogs at the genetic level are defenders of the territory. Therefore the main objective of training not to teach a dog to security functions, and to develop security and protective skills. It is better to do it in the territory of the owner, only later certain time with a dog it is possible to come to the unfamiliar area.

3. The uncertain dog of the Caucasian sheep-dog can be supported by means of stronger fellow. For young it is necessary to choose stronger and sure individual, for boughs of a brave and healthy dog.

4. Never be disappointed in the pet. If a dog lazy, with him it is necessary to fulfill skills even more diligently until it does not begin to work. Caucasian the sheep-dog can be taught obedience, it is necessary to begin trainings since five months.

5. Besides, the owner has to understand that this dog will always as it is very stubborn have problems with obedience. The Caucasian, first of all, needs to be accustomed to a lead and a muzzle. It not only necessary measure, but also peculiar recognition by a dog of powers of the owner. If the pet recognizes a lead and a collar – the first and important objective in training will be achieved.

6. Also not less important by 5-6 months to develop at a dog free reaction to your manipulations with the food given it. If your pet aggressively reacts or shows impatience when you immerse a hand in the bowl given it with food, then in it is necessary to call immediately to him in a rigid form, having limited access to a bowl. Later, having sustained 30 sec., allow to approach and continue food. Repeat all over again until reaction to your actions becomes quiet.

7. In the course of education of the Caucasian it is possible to mark out three important skills: to approach on command, to move nearby and to stop the movement on the Stand team.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team