How to transfer a dog to a forage

How to transfer a dog to a forage

Many owners of dogs consider that it is much more useful to feed the pets with natural food than a dry feed. However this big delusion. Dry feeds contain amount of vitamins, necessary for dogs, and minerals. And whether the pet who eats boiled meat and cottage cheese here receives them, it is unknown. Besides, the dry feed exempts owners from cooking and considering of a diet for a dog. So, if you decided to transfer a dog to specialized food, then you should implement a number of recommendations.

It is required to you

  • Completely to accustom a dog to new food, you need not less than a week.


1. For a start choose a forage most of which of all suits your pet. If you have a small doggie, then the stern for big breeds will give quite silly to it. In addition, it is necessary to remember age of a dog and also his way of life. In case you are at a loss with the choice, it is worth addressing for consultation the veterinarian.

2. It is necessary to transfer a dog to a dry feed gradually. In the first two-three days replace one quarter of usual food with a dry feed. Remember that it is impossible to mix them. Therefore give a dry feed, for example, only for breakfast. Look how the dog reacts to food whether there are no by-effects.

3. The next three-four days increase quantity of a dry feed and exactly so reduce portions of natural. Give to a dog more water. In a week you can transfer a dog to a dry feed completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team