How to transport a cat in the car

How to transport a cat in the car

Quite often there are in our life such situations when it is necessary to go to an automobile travel, having taken a cat. It can be a trip to giving, a meeting with friends, a visit to relatives. If the animal is not accustomed to the car since childhood, the forthcoming travel for it is a huge stress. That without problems to transport a cat in the car, her owner needs to make everything to facilitate life to the pet for the period of the trip.


1. Before an autotravel surely make sure that your cat is absolutely healthy, in a stressful situation the disease state of an animal can only be aggravated.

2. Surely take care of that before a trip the cat descended in a toilet. Just in case put on her a special diaper for animals which can be got in any pet-shop or veterinary pharmacy. Before a travel you do not feed an animal too densely.

3. Make a travel the most comfortable for a cat. If in inside of the car stuffy, slightly open windows or turn on the conditioner that the animal could breathe fresh air. Do not forget to take to the road of clean drinking water for a cat.

4. Do not turn on the music too loudly, do not sing and do not talk to other passengers of the car with voices raised in the presence of a cat.

5. Take care of that the animal did not distract from the road of the driver of the car. Ideally it is necessary to transport a cat in the car only in a special container or a bag transportation. If you did not get such adaptation, constantly control behavior of the pet during all trip.

6. During the autotravel try to talk more often with a cat a tender quiet voice. Do not abuse at all and you do not shout at her, otherwise you can frighten an animal even more. Allow a cat to nestle on you, naturally, if you not driving, to be absorbed in you.

7. Take something that will remind a cat of the house, for example, her favourite toy in a trip. Not the fact that the animal will play it during the travel, but a native smell for certain will work on the pet pacifying.

8. If you too strongly worry about how your cat will postpone a trip by car, give it special sedative for animals which choice entrust the doctor-veterinarian.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team