How to transport animals

How to transport animals

If you have nobody to leave for the period of the holiday of your favourite, then an exit can be only one: to take it. But for this purpose you need to be prepared for a trip with an animal in advance and will be defined by what type of transport more comfortably to be transported also to you, and your favourite. 

Comfort and safety

On small distances, for example, to the dacha, little animals (cats, rodents, dogs of small breeds) can be transported in carryings which have to be made of rigid materials: plastic, a tree, it is reliable to be closed and have openings for intake of air.

In soft bags carryings to an animal it will be uncomfortable, and it is an additional stress. And on the street it is impossible to keep an animal on hands in transport at all. Having been frightened of sharp sounds and an unfamiliar situation, your favourite can escape, scratch you claws, be wounded itself, and even escape.  Breast-bands and leads in which many try to transport rabbits, polecats, cats are for the same reason unreliable. If there is no carrying — take a dense box, make the handle and openings.

To transport an animal in the taxi much more comfortably, than in public transport. In advance warn the operator that you will go with an animal in carrying, and specify whether the extra for it will be charged. It is authorized to transport large dogs in buses in the presence of a collar, a muzzle, a lead and the separate ticket for the passenger having a tail.

Rodents in all means of transport are transported in small plastic containers. At all not in cardboard boxes which they can gnaw through.

Useful accessories

In the private car it is simpler to transport animals. Carrying with an animal should be put on a free seat and to fasten  a seat belt. It is impossible to put not fastened transportation in salon, and especially to place it on a floor of the car or under a seat.

To hold on hands or to let out the favourite it is forbidden to run about on salon: it is injury-causing both for it, and for you. For large dogs there are special devices. A lead breast-band which fastens to the regular lock of a seat belt or a car seat for a dog will ensure to your favourite safety in way. The special rug hammock will protect an upholstery of your car from damages, wool and dirt, and grids lattices which separate a driver's seat will not allow a dog to distract the driver.

In the train

In the train of animals it is possible to take in all types of cars (except SV and cars of the increased comfort). The main thing that the animal sat in a spacious cage, in a basket or carrying and could not be chosen without your permission from there. Except carrying you need to have the reference from the veterinarian that the animal is healthy, and the receipt "Baggage on the Passenger's Hands".

Large dogs can go in the non-working platform of the car, the first after a locomotive, or by the baggage car, in a special container, but it is obligatory with a lead, in a muzzle and under your personal supervision.

It is possible to take, of course, a big dog in a compartment to go with comfort — railway rules it allow. Only for this purpose you should redeem all four compartment places and to carry there no more than two dogs.

Documents on an animal on the plane

If you go by plane, then in advance contact representatives of the company carrier and in detail learn their rules of transportation of animals (at the different companies they strongly differ). Surely specify restriction on weight.

For air flight besides plastic carrying you have to have with yourself a pet passport of an animal with all operating inoculations, the health certificate and the reference from   SKOR or RKF club.

When passing examination on an entrance to the airport do not forget to take out living creatures from carrying. Put carrying on a tape, the pet — near yourself.

On the plane even the big dog should travel in boxing. Payment of transportation of an animal is made as excess baggage, only seeing eye dogs free of charge fly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team