How to transport dogs

How to transport dogs

Gathering for the first time in an hours-long travel on the car with a canine friend, it would be good to know how transportation of dogs in the car is organized. Because not all animals feel comfortable on a trip and can create troubles to the owner.


1. An important point is food dogsi prior to a trip, for the best digestion of food its several days feed with easy sterns: cottage cheese, meat porridges, fish. Bones and the dry feed is completely excluded.

2. In day of a trip the animal is not fed at all and limit water. It will reduce risk of appearance of vomiting. It is better for dogs, very sensitive to motion sickness, to give antiemetic medicine before the road (aeron, kinedrit).

3. In the car it is necessary to have near at hand a towel for removal of saliva at a dog. That the animal did not soil salon emetic masses, keep a cellophane bag in readiness.

4. Transportation of dogs is desirable only on a back seat as some animals have unstable mentality and can provoke the sharp movement an emergency situation. For rendering the necessary help in a case of vomiting it is desirable to put someone from members of household near a dog.

5. That to a dog was not very hot, it is obligatory to slightly open car windows on the one hand in order to avoid a draft, but so that the animal could not push the head.

6. In order that the dog in the car felt comfortable during all trip, provide it enough place in salon, at all not on a floor where vibration of the car is felt especially strongly.

7. Each 2 hours it is necessary to stop and allow a dog to empty a bladder. It is necessary to do it on a lead that the pet did not run out on the road with the passing cars.

8. During transportation of a dog you watch temperature in a car interior, animals badly transfer closeness and can receive heatstroke. It is impossible to muzzle, he prevents to put out tongue when hot.

9. That it was possible to transport dogs without problems, they are accustomed to trips in transport from puppyish age.

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