How to transport goats

How to transport goats

Transportation of goats very negatively affects their health. Animals have a huge stress and at the wrong transportation can die. It is possible to carry out transportation of animals in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - wooden boxes;
  • - leashes;
  • - oilcloth;
  • - straw or hay.


1. If it is necessary to transport a big livestock, then the most optimal variant will be to employ the covered lorry and to transport goats in wooden boxes. In one box it is possible to transport several animals. They are seated and tie each goat on a separate short leash. Down a box it is necessary to lay a layer of hay or straw. In the open van of goats it is impossible to transport as they can get a bigger stress.

2. A small livestock of goats, for example 2-3 individuals, it is possible to transport in the passenger car. For this purpose it is necessary to remove a back seat, to lay an oilcloth, and over it a layer of hay or straw. Animals need to be tied on a short leash to a front seat or to other available places.

3. Also there is an experience of transportation of goats on a back seat of the car. Not to soil the car, it is possible to put diapers for adults on animals.

4. The main livestock of goats behaves quietly when transporting, but there are temperamental individuals who in way jump all the time and try to jump out. The owner has to go by the truck and in every possible way calm animals and also watch that they did not get confused on a leash.

5. Before loading goats into the car, it is necessary to talk to them tenderly, not to shout, not to frighten animals. To make loading of goats, it is necessary to seat them in boxes, to bind and already in boxes to load in the car.

6. After transportation boxes it is necessary to unload and place goats on the constant place. Shelters have to be prepared, carefully cleaned and have a fresh laying. The new livestock is temporarily placed separately from the main herd, it is desirable in other shed to sustain a quarantine and to make sure that goats are healthy.

7. If the new livestock refuses food, then this normal phenomenon after the postponed stress. Animals have to calm down and get hungry. Only after that they need to be fed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team