How to treat a fungus on skin at a cat

How to treat a fungus on skin at a cat

Cats at any age can have various manifestations of a fungus. The main thing for the owner is to distinguish in time and to correctly treat a skin fungus at a cat. Incorrect treatment or its total absence is fraught with the hardest consequences for the favourite.

Any mycoses at cats who cause all species of mushrooms is very dangerous disease. Disputes of these fungi constantly fly in air, and, therefore, settle on skin and mucous covers of cats. On skin and in ears the fungus at cats is in the minimum quantities always, and at all does not bring any trouble upon either a cat, or its owners. The disease of mycosis arises only in cases when the immunity of cats weakens, and it can occur for various reasons. Therefore, and it is necessary to treat this disease not superficially – kozhno, and from within.

As the fungus at cats looks

Most often mycosis at cats is formed in places of damage of covers. It can be any smallest scratch or the real wound. The center size does not matter, the disease is very quickly thrown also on healthy sites of covers. Still yesterday gentle and smooth sites of skin become covered by crusts, scabs, have an unpleasant smell, constantly itch and irritate a cat.

Because of what can arise

The causes of mycosis at cats a set, and they, apparently, mutually exclusive. So, the lack of care for skin steadily causes formation of a fungus in a cat, but also the excessive grooming is also capable to provoke its rapid, uncontrollable development. Pay attention and to a brush which you comb out the favourite. She should not be too tough, otherwise will constantly injure skin, provoking development of mycosis in a cat.

How to treat

First of all, to address the veterinarian. He will surely check the general state at your cat and will appoint individual treatment. The site of an integument struck with a fungus then ointment, levomikol is applied on the center, for example is usually cut off. Sometimes compresses or a prisushivaniye of the center are required if it is a damp wound. Well and, of course, special food, vitamin complexes which will restore the reeled immunity of your cat is appointed. Not to tighten the main thing in treatment of mycosis at a cat. The fungus at a cat is treated incredibly long even if external manifestations and disappear almost at once. By all means adhere to all recommendations of the veterinarian. The fungus can freely pass also to the person if to start treatment. And it will be very unpleasant to your cat if only the treated fungus returns again, and there will be it quickly enough.

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