How to treat a kitten for a diarrhea

How to treat a kitten for a diarrhea

Cat's diseases can suddenly be shown both at an adult individual, and at absolutely little kitten. Cleaning after the pet, always check whether is not present at a kitten of diarrhea. And if it appeared instead of being idle and from time to time to feel to a cat a nose, try to establish the frustration reason as soon as possible.


1. At a healthy cat a chair not soft, brown on color. Various deviations in color (green, gray, with blood streaks) or on consistence (liquid, foamy) speak about an intestines disease – internal bleeding or lack of ability of absorption of some substances. Observe how often the kitten goes to a toilet and as diarrhea lasts long. If frustration continues more than a day, clang alarm all bells, namely urgently show an animal to the veterinarian.

2. The allergy to new food or overeating can become the cause of diarrhea. Perhaps, the kitten gorged on drop or the spoiled products. In order to avoid frustration, you watch the pet's diet. Do not allow it to eat greasy, fried, salty, spicy food. Having seen some delicacy, the kitten can eat it with paper or a grass, and it is capable to cause diarrhea too. For a while exclude milk from an animal diet. Instead of it try to give it the liquid rice porridge made on water.

3. If porridge does not help or the kitten refuses food, give several crumbs of activated carbon. Remember that it is used in exceptional cases and as a rule, given to adult cats. Calculation - one tablet on 10 kg of weight. Do not deprive of a kitten of liquid, allow it to drink as much as possible. If it is necessary, give to drink to him independently. At the first opportunity show the pet to the veterinarian.

4. You do not treat a kitten vodka or "human" tablets for problems with intestines. You cannot be sure up to the end of a dosage and of efficiency of effect of the medicine on the weakened cat's organism.

5. Not always long frustration at a kitten means that he "ate something". Perhaps, at the kid worms were got. If an animal absolutely small allow the veterinarian to save him from worms. Do not trust the pet's life to own guesses - you remember that time is valuable, and some several hours of delay can cost to an animal life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team