How to treat a piroplasmosis at dogs

How to treat a piroplasmosis at dogs

Piroplasmosis – the disease caused by the sort Babesia microorganisms transferred by ixodic pincers. At a sting the parasite gets inside and causes a serious illness. Dogs have a piroplasmosis, and without due treatment everything can end with a lethal outcome.

How to distinguish a piroplasmosisCareful owners process the pets from stings of pincers and regularly examine them after walks and departures on the nature, however even these measures are not capable of hundred percent to save a dog from infection. The tick can bite an animal and disappear so on a body no traces will be noticeable, but the activator will get to a dog organism.

The greatest number of sick animals happens in the spring and in the fall when pincers are most active.

Symptoms are shown, as a rule, in two three days after there was infection. The sick animal becomes sluggish, eats a little or at all refuses food. Temperature increases to 40-41os, the mucous membrane of a mouth and eyes turns yellow. If not to begin treatment during this period, further temperature falls to 35-36os, and in urine blood appears. Back extremities of an animal weaken, gait it becomes noticeable complicated, paralysis is possible. Most often the piroplasmosis terminates in death.

Sometimes chronic cases of a piroplasmosis meet. Most often the disease in such form proceeds at the animals who already carried this infection and managed to survive without treatment.

Treatment of a piroplasmosisThe piroplasmosis cannot be cured independently. At the first suspicion of a disease when the animal only became sluggish and refused food, it is necessary to see the veterinarian. The veterinarian examines an animal, takes at him temperature, asks the owner on the found pincers. On the analysis urine, and in certain cases – and blood undertakes. After that the verdict is rendered. First of all to a dog appoint the medicines destroying Babesia – Veriben, Azidin, Imidosan, Berenil, "Pyro-stop" and other means operating the same way. After extermination of parasites and the erythrocytes struck with them the further treatment is directed to restoration of an organism of an animal. To dogs inject the drugs supporting works of a liver and kidneys, heart medicines, vitamins. For prevention of complications since recent time use a plasma exchange or haemo sorption which allow to purify blood from toxins, passing kidneys and a liver. Recovery occurs two-three weeks later after an initiation of treatment. There are preventive vaccines "Nobivak Pro" and "Pirodog" containing antigen of pyroplasmas. However use of these vaccines will not protect your dog from a disease. The inoculation will increase chances of a sick animal to recover after a sting of the infected tick.

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