How to treat an ear tick at pets

How to treat an ear tick at pets

Ear pincers disturb an animal who scratches itself, constantly trying to comb out a parasite. Sometimes business reaches infection and loss of hearing. Emergence of pincers – an indicator that at an animal the immunity is reduced therefore it is necessary to treat an ear tick at pets in a complex.

It is required to you

  • - green tea
  • - vegetable oil
  • - garlic
  • - insecticidal medicines


1. Wash out ears green tea. Prepare infusion of green tea – a tea leaves spoon on a usual glass with boiled water. Filter infusion and cool it up to the comfortable temperature. Take the pipette, gather tea and wash out an auricle and the channel. You hold an animal to provide free access to ears (the cat can be turned in a big towel). The animal will begin to wind the head, pieces of dirt will take off together with tea. Wipe an ear canal with a cotton tampon dry.

2. Dig oil. Take any vegetable oil and place in it for some time the crushed garlic. Filter oil. Clean ears to an animal – so oil will quicker achieve the objective. Dig an ear canal oil (enough 4-5 drops).

3. Use ready insecticidal medicines. The variety of medicines allows to choose the most suitable option. There are structures with antibiotics – they influence bacteria, pincers and fungi. Universal medicines possess broad anti-parasitic action. Some drugs for fleas can destroy also ear pincers. Consult with the veterinarian and choose the most suitable means. Apply according to the instruction. During treatment process an animal completely (special shampoos) – ear pincers can move.

4. Strengthen immunity. For support of an organism and increase in resilience to parasites give to an animal ekhinatsea medicines according to the appointed dosage. You feed an animal fully – the balanced food will strengthen an organism and the immune system.

5. Treat all animals. Process all pets if you do not want to treat an ear tick at pets monthly. Animals quickly are infected from each other, they have enough even short contact.

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