How to treat an urolithic disease at cats

How to treat an urolithic disease at cats

Urolithic disease of cats – one of the most difficult and widespread diseases. It is important to make out symptoms in time and to begin treatment, otherwise consequences can be deplorable.


1. See to behavior of a cat. The main symptom of an urolithic disease – the sudden termination of urination. Stagnation of urine leads to violation of work of kidneys, brain hypostasis, cardiac arrest. The sick cat worries, mews, tries to accept different poses. The stomach at her increases, to the touch becomes dense. In a day the animal begins to groan, hides in a corner and sits not movably.

2. Give a cat first aid. Give it soothing and spasmolysants: in one syringe gain 0.5 ml of 2% of a papaverine, 0.5 ml of a platifillin, 0.5 ml of 50% of analginum for a cat of the average size weighing 3 - 5 kg. Put a warm hot-water bottle on a bottom of a stomach and on a crotch. Do not mass a bladder, otherwise it can be injured.

3. Show a cat as soon as possible to the veterinarian for specification of the diagnosis and purpose of treatment. The sick animal will be given an anesthesia, will give an injection of sleeping pill and will carry out a bladder kateterization. Unfortunately, in hard cases it is necessary to carry out operational treatment. The veterinarian will take the analysis of urine from an animal, will carry out radiological and ultrasonic surveys. Treatment is selected individually, considering age of a cat, disease degree, presence of other chronic diseases.

4. You carry out two times a year in the spring and in the fall prevention of an urolithic disease. For this purpose give to a cat medicines, for example, such as KotErvin in a dosage of 1.5-2 ml a day within two weeks. Make a grass of an erva woolly, leaves of a bearberry or a root of parsley, filter and you give to drink to a pet as often as possible on 2–4 ml.

5. Reconsider a diet of a cat. Exclude crude meat, fish, eggs, canned food, sausages, caviar. It is better to choose special forages for patients with an urolithic disease of cats. Provide to an animal continuous access to clear boiled water of room temperature.

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