How to treat animals for fleas

How to treat animals for fleas

Fleas appear at animals who walk on the street and contact to relatives. If you found ""addition"" which chaotically runs along all body in the fluffy, be not frightened, and immediately start treatment. Fleas are not given to the person so you can not be afraid for the indumenta. It is possible to bring insects in several ways.


1. Buy drops from fleas in any veterinary shop. Be attentive, the dosage is calculated on milligrams, respectively watch on how many kilograms of live weight ""pipette"" is calculated. If you apply a high dose to skin of an animal, then the risk of poisoning is high. With the medical purpose apply means on a nape, and in two weeks repeat processing. For prevention use medicine not more often than 1 time in 2 months.

2. The collar from fleas will help cats. It is undesirable to cats to put on it as they sometimes clash among themselves and in a fight can do harm, having hooked for a collar. Do not forget that it needs to be changed periodically, protective action remains from 1 to 3 months. The collar not only will protect from unexpected ""guests"", but also will help to eliminate already available fleas.

3. If your animal treats water procedures, then an optimal variant quite favourably - washing with use of shampoo against fleas. You not only eliminate insects, but also purify animal fur from pollution including from eggs of fleas. Carefully rinse a pet, otherwise he can get poisoned when he begins to lick a hair.

4. After elimination of insects etch parasites at an animal. Usually if there are fleas, there are also worms. Anyway prevention will not damage too. Buy suspension and pour in it in a mouth to fluffy. It is sweet so special resistance should not follow. Worse the situation is with reception of tablets, but they are recommended to be given only to dogs, cats are them obviously will not be even in the main food.

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