How to treat aquarium fishes

How to treat aquarium fishes

Fans of aquarium fishes can face the problem connected with diseases of pets. Domestic small fishes get sick with infectious and noncontagious diseases. Methods of treatment and prevention of diseases can significantly differ.


1. Treat non-infectious diseases of small fishes: poisonings with chlorine, deficiency of oxygen, alkaloz, temperature blow, obesity and gas embolism. At these diseases the treatment is begun with the termination of receipt of factors which caused a disease.

2. At poisoning with chlorine it is necessary to replace small fishes in previously otstoyanny water. Symptoms of this disease: on a body at fish islands of slime are visible, gills are completely covered with slime, they become lighter.

3. Suffocation or death can come at deficiency of oxygen in an aquarium. Signs: fishes often rise to a water surface and take a mouth air. On a water surface there are a lot of bubbles. At the same time it is necessary to install the aerator and the filter in an aquarium.

4. Too high or low water temperature can lead to blow and the death of small fishes. When replacing water in an aquarium it is necessary to watch its temperature. The thermometer and a temperature regulator will help not to allow its sharp differences.

5. From surplus of feeding at small fishes there can come obesity. This disease leads to infertility and a disease of all internals. Prevention of obesity at small fishes consists in various feeding in the small portions. Symptoms of obesity: the apathy, slackness rounded sides (not to confuse with pregnancy). Experts recommend to carry out by it to pets, time to week, fasting day.

6. Infectious diseases of fishes are caused by fungal and bacterial pathogenic microflora. Brankhiomikoz, white, plavnikovy decay, girodaktilez, an ekzoftalmiya, a hexamitosis – the dangerous diseases which are transmitted to other fishes.

7. If you took a new form of fishes, then in order to avoid infection of small fishes from the aquarium, it is necessary to support again acquired pets on a quarantine 1–2 weeks. It can be done, having placed fishes in separate capacity. If during this period they did not have symptoms of a disease, then it is possible to let out them in the general aquarium.

8. If small fishes had external changes – emergence on a body of bubbles, a mold, sites of decay, then such individual needs to be transplanted from the others. At difficulty of production of the correct diagnosis, the sick individual can be brought to veterinary laboratory where will make inspection, will make the diagnosis, will write out the correct treatment and methods of prevention of this disease.

9. Treatment of each bacterial disease is individual. At such diseases recommend to add solution of metronidazole, a levomitsetin, tripoflavin, copper sulfate to water. At fungal defeats appoint salt bathtubs and streptocide.

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