How to treat cold at a rabbit

How to treat cold at a rabbit

Cold at a rabbit can arise owing to decrease in protective functions of an organism, injury of a mucous membrane of a nose, defective feeding and adverse conditions of keeping. Most often rabbits carry an infectious disease to wet weather – in the fall and in the spring. At the first symptoms of rhinitis at an animal immediately start his treatment.

It is required to you

  • - furacyllean;
  • - penicillin;
  • - "Ампиокс";
  • - vitamins;
  • - minerals;
  • - the medicines increasing immunity.


1. Usual catarrhal cold at rabbit in the absence of treatment can pass into infectious rhinitis easily. If the nose cover which bulked up and red, there were mucopurulent allocations and sneezing, the dried-up crusts complicate breath - it is already infectious disease which treatment demands serious approach. First of all separate sick animals to other room – isolate. All objects of use contacting to a sick rabbit have to be disinfected.

2. Immediately address the experienced veterinarian who will make the exact diagnosis, will conduct the necessary medical researches in clinical conditions which will allow to find sensitivity to medicines, and, proceeding from laboratory results, will appoint the corresponding treatment to your favourite.

3. For prevention of cold at a rabbit use Furacilin solution. For this purpose boil a half of a glass of water and put in it couple of tablets of medicine, carefully mix before full dissolution, cool. Gather solution of Furacilin in the pipette and dig to a rabbit in each nasal pass eight-ten drops. Treatment has to continue within two weeks. Consult to the veterinarian who will appoint the vitamin complex and medicines increasing resistance of an organism to diseases.

4. At rabbits apply penicillin (antibiotics) to treatment of infectious rhinitis. Make water solution and gather in the pipette. Try to put a rabbit a back on the knees and to dig in a nose. Continue treatment by antibiotics within five-seven days. Shortly purulent allocations from a nose will stop. As the procedure of burying is not pleasant to an animal, it will resist and be scratched therefore do not forget to put on rag gloves.

5. Provide an animal with the minerals and vitamins, medicines increasing immunity. Within two weeks you enter five-eight drops of Ampioksa solution and the same amount of 1% solution of Furacilin into each nostril of a rabbit. "Ампиокс" one capsule on two tablespoons of purified water gets divorced from calculation.

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