How to treat demodekoz at dogs

How to treat demodekoz at dogs

Demodekoz – the disease of dogs caused by an intracutaneous tick parasite. Some breeds are more subject to a disease, others it is less. At some currents can be almost asymptomatic, localized, and others receive heavy complications. Anyway, this disease demands treatment by the qualified veterinary expert and active participation of the owner.


1. The reddened, shelled bald spots on the head or legs dogsi have to suggest you an idea of a disease. To learn whether demodekoz it, the veterinarian will help. It has to exclude other diseases and take scrape on the analysis. Similar symptoms can arise at an allergy, fungal defeat, eczemas, flea dermatitis, a sarkoptoza. All these diseases are followed by an itch. At not complicated demodekoz of naggers is absent.

2. When the diagnosis is already established, the doctor prescribes medicine. A part of therapy will be carried out at once: injections of immunoexcitants, ivermitsina, vitamins. You should take part in treatment of a dog too: to correct food, to follow medical prescriptions.

3. House treatment includes the following items: - Putting anti-parasitic ointment on the struck places (1 every seven days).-Bathtubs - for treatment of the accompanying infections. Surely well dry hair of a dog after washing. - For maintenance of an organism of a dog appoint vitamin E, (according to the instruction: twice a day, but not during feeding).-Beer yeast with sulfur - for improvement of a condition of leather and wool. - Gepatoprotektora (Karsil, Ovesol) – for protection of a liver of a dog against toxic influence of acaricide medicines.

4. For control of efficiency of treatment each two-four weeks the veterinarian does repeated scrape. Treatment it is considered successful if the quantity of live parasites is reduced. When at a dog began to grow wool on the struck places, and in scrapes pincers are not found, therapy is continued by two weeks. The animal can be considered healthy if within half a year there was no recurrence.

5. For prevention of a repeated disease and also infection with ixodic pincers and fleas use a special collar with acaricide antiparasitic action.

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