How to treat dermatitis at a cat

How to treat dermatitis at a cat

Dermatitis at cats – rather widespread phenomenon. They arise for various reasons, but the most frequent of them is the allergy. The cat constantly scratches herself paws, licks language, wounds on skin as a result develop from having combed, wool drops out. Such state very much disturbs an animal and gives it the mass of an inconvenience.

It is required to you

  • The grass broths removing the naggers, strong made black tea, allergy medicines.


1. Find out the cause of dermatitis, the veterinarian will help to make it. He will appoint treatment, suitable for your animal. The doctor will need to tell about with what you feed the cat, about features of her way of life – if dermatitis was caused by an allergy in a cat, the doctor will try to find out her reason.

2. Very often food allergies or an allergy to saliva of fleas are the reason of dermatitis at cats. If the animal has an allergy to fleas, even one sting of an insect will become the cause of an itch of all body and having combed on it. Carry out treatment of an animal for parasites – put means from fleas, give medicine for worms.

3. At first it is necessary to exclude the causes of dermatitis and along with it to begin treatment of its manifestations. For elimination of an itch various allergy medicines will help, you should not appoint them independently – consult with the veterinarian. It is possible to use also various homeopathic remedies, but if the problem does not disappear in several days, see a doctor. Sores will help to facilitate a skin itch and to eliminate external means - it is the calming and healing ointments, strong made and cooled black tea, broths of herbs. Put the rag moistened in such infusion to a sore on a body of an animal three-four times a day.

4. Carefully comb animal hair. If wool was felted – it brings to a cat discomfort too. Under such wool comfortably to ticks, fleas and also there bacteria very quickly breed. Do not allow a cat to lick constantly the places disturbing her, distract her. Animals so diligently lick raschesa that they do not allow them to heal.

5. If you see that the animal suffers, do not postpone a visit to the veterinarian – the cause of dermatitis can be at all not that of which you think, and before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to listen to opinion of the expert.

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