How to treat dreams about cats

How to treat dreams about cats

According to scientists-psychologists, during sleep the brain processes a huge number of information obtained by the person within the last day. At the same time, dreams can sometimes be not connected with any events happening in reality at all - it is possible, it also is so-called prophetic dreams.

In many countries read out from ancient times of cats special animals and even idolized. Gradually this relation affected also interpretation of dreams - according to this opinion which is quite widespread, for example, in the countries of the East, any dream in which the cat or a cat flew can automatically be considered as prophetical. It is natural that it is very difficult both to confirm, and to disprove this statement.

Difficulties of interpretation of dreams about cats

Plots with cats and cats seek to interpret different dream books is quite contradictory, however there is a number of the general opinions as it is possible to treat similar dreams. In particular, color of an animal and his behavior – light and white cats are considered as more good sign, than their fellows of other shades and colors.

Sometimes the meeting with a cat in a dream which was seen by the young man can promise it a meeting with the mysterious, independent and capricious lady - their of those which like to compare themselves to "a cat who walks in itself".

Dreams such can be interpreted quite simply - also, as well as the signs connected with cats. For example, the washing animal can be a harbinger of fast guests, and most likely, it will be pleasant people. And here if in a dream the cat runs away from a furious dog (dogs quite often are associated with friends), the person can regard it as prevention: the relatives cannot be deceived, friends can forever not forgive and leave it. If the little kitten, especially tries to escape from dogs if he climbed on a tree, it can be council to arrive more carefully.


Also the cat who catches mice - the person who saw her differs not in the most pleasant interpretation, in the near future can feel concern, and it will be difficult to call life joyful. As the reasons of these problems the insidiousness and intrigues of secret enemies and ill-wishers usually are called. The cat watching for a mouse at a mink can be prevention: perhaps, shortly somebody from an inner circle, or even darling, can try to deceive.

If the cat in a dream snatches on the person and even scratches - it promises big problems, and, the pain and a fright are more severe, the experiences will be more painful.

If the cat with the caught mouse goes to the fellows to brag - it can mean excessive vanity of the person to which such dream dreamed. However, also other treatment when the cat boaster warns about vain friends or acquaintances who can bring a trouble subsequently meets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team