How to treat eyes to a kitten

How to treat eyes to a kitten

Diseases of eyes - not a rarity for kittens. Often they can point to development of a serious disease. If there are no other symptoms, so it is necessary to treat eyes of your fluffy pet.


1. If your kitten water of an eye, but allocation transparent, an eye not red and not edematous, at a cat has no temperature, it is not torn, he does not cough and does not sneeze, activity with appetite are not reduced, then it is possible, the reason of the watering eyes - worms. Give to your pet antivermicular medicine and observe it. If one or several above-mentioned symptoms are present, at a kitten the serious disease develops, carry him to the veterinarian.

2. If allocations from eyes of the fluffy kid plentiful, white-yellow color, are suspicions of conjunctivitis. Wash eyes of a little cat with broth of a camomile and for a lower eyelid put eye 1% tetracycline ointment 2-3 times a day. At allocations from eyes of red-brown color, for washing of eyes use drops Tsipromed or Tsiprobid on 1 drops, 2 times a day, within a week. Universal medicine for any inflammatory diseases are homeopathic means - "Monk's-hood", "Belladonna", Brioniya. Give them to a kitten inside on 2 pieces x 2 times a day.

3. At release of pus from eyes of the pet wash out their tincture calendulas - 5 drops on a water tablespoon. Use homeopathic means, you will not find yet that which best of all helps a kitten. They are absolutely harmless. But, perhaps, for treatment there will be enough one Vitafel. Apply it strictly according to the instruction. If at the pet eyes water, and wool around them dries up, drip to him levomitsetinovy drops on 1 - 2 drops x 3 times a day.

4. If eyes are injured, urgently show a kitten to the veterinarian. To the veterinarian at the expiration of eyes wash them and a conjunctiva with Furacilin solution (1 tablet on a glass of boiled water). Or dig in eyes of a fluffy of a drop with antibiotics. At emergence in a corner of an eye of a red swelling, to a campaign to the doctor use drops with an antibiotic. It is a prolapse of gland of Garder therefore than quicker the veterinarian will set gland, that high probability of successful treatment.

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