How to treat stomatitis at a cat

How to treat stomatitis at a cat

Stomatitis is called the inflammatory process arising on a mucous membrane of a mouth. This disease is rather widespread and can affect any animal, irrespective of age and breed. For establishment of the exact diagnosis and the choice of the optimum scheme of treatment it is recommended to see the veterinarian. However, if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to try to cope with stomatitis independently.


1. Stomatitis can be subdivided conditionally into two types - catarrhal and ulcer. The most widespread look is catarrhal stomatitis. It does not cause deep defects of a mucous membrane. Ulcer stomatitis is followed by hypostasis and bleeding of gums of an animal and also formation of deep ulcers. It is necessary to know that in especially hard cases, the disease can lead to loss of teeth and necrosis of maxillary bones.

2. Treat the main symptoms of stomatitis: reddenings of gums, temperature increase, strong thirst, an unpleasant smell from a mouth and the increased salivation. The cat refuses food and begins to lose weight and weaken.

3. Distinguish injuries of gums from the main reasons for developing of a disease with sharp bones or other objects. Too hot or frozen food, change of teeth, accidental hit in a mouth of an animal of chemically active agents or medicinal medicines of external action can be other reasons - as is well-known, cats carefully lick the wool. Also stomatitis can be only one of symptoms of other, more serious illness - for example, leukemias, a cat's virus immunodeficiency or a renal failure. At emergence of symptoms of this disease it is strongly recommended to visit the veterinarian and to make all necessary tests. On the basis of results of inspection the doctor will appoint to an animal the most suitable scheme of treatment.

4. The basic principles in approach to cats are suppression of inflammatory process and daily careful hygiene of an oral cavity. One of the most reliable and effective medicines for treatment of stomatitis is Traumel. This medicinal homeopathic remedy produced in the form of tablets, solution for injections, ointment and a drop for intake. The drug is recommended to be taken a course which duration can be from 1 to 3 months, depending on disease severity. As a rule, treatment is begun with intramuscular injections, and then passed to drops for internal reception which add to drinking water of an animal.

5. Regularly you carry out antibacterial processing of a mouth of a cat by antiseptics. Solution of a chlorhexidin, Lugol, yodinol will approach. Several times a day, it is necessary to irrigate a mouth with broths of their leaves of raspberry, mint, a sage or flowers of a camomile. Well oak bark broth heals deep ulcers. Such medicines as 1% solution of a dioksidin, iodine-glycerin will be suitable for greasing of ulcers, fosprenit or sea-buckthorn oil. In especially hard cases antibiotics are appointed. However it is necessary to remember that only the professional veterinarian has to appoint them.

6. You watch that the cat always had a fresh drinking water. Do not give to an animal rigid food - try to feed with cream soups of room temperature. Enter into a phytomine diet for teeth and bones. Make sure that the cat receives enough vitamins.

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