How to treat the becoming wet dermatitis at a dog

How to treat the becoming wet dermatitis at a dog

In summertime of a dog especially often suffer from various skin diseases. The becoming wet dermatitis is especially unpleasant and painful. But timely detection and treatment of this disease always has a favorable outcome.

How does the becoming wet dermatitis at dogs look?

Having seen spots on skin at the favourite and also having noticed that the dog uneasily behaves, the good owner will carry the pet to veterinary clinic. There will unmistakably define the becoming wet dermatitis and will appoint treatment. But there is not always an opportunity to show an animal to the expert, for example, on vacation somewhere in the godforsaken place. And before saving a dog from the becoming wet dermatitis, it is necessary to make sure that it it.

The sharp becoming wet dermatitis can develop at any dog, but most of all this misfortune animals with long wool or a dense underfur are subject.

The center of the becoming wet dermatitis has an appearance of the warm gone bald swelled site of skin of rounded shape from 2 to 10 cm in size which emits pus and unpleasantly smells. Such spots are in most cases localized on the head, near knee joints, on trunk sides. These wounds very strongly disturb a dog, she infinitely scratches them, licks, takes a bite. She aggravates with these actions a disease, promotes growth of the becoming wet eczemas. If the owner does not interfere immediately, then the becoming wet dermatitis can accept the catastrophic sizes literally in several hours.

First aid and subsequent treatment of a dog

The becoming wet eczemas are very painful therefore before carrying out some manipulations, it is desirable to anesthetize these places. To affected areas of skin it is necessary to provide air access. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off wool around eczema. Then the wounds need to be treated an anti-septic tank. It can be tincture of a St. John's wort, a calendula or solution of a chlorhexidin. After that to process eczemas some drying means. For this purpose zinc ointment, powder with zinc, talc will approach. If the dog suffers from a severe itch, then it is possible to give her antihistamine – "Tavegil", Suprastin, Loratadin. Besides, it is necessary to watch a dog, not to give her the chance to comb wounds. If eczemas do not heal, then at the first opportunity the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian. Perhaps, reception of antibiotics is necessary for your pet for recovery. In rare instances to a dog can appoint hormonal medicine.

How not to allow appearance of the becoming wet dermatitis?

Without elimination of the reason which caused the becoming wet dermatitis, its treatment is useless since wounds will develop again and again. This disease can be caused by stings of insects, especially fleas. Thus allergic reaction is shown. To avoid it, it is necessary systematically, at least 1 time a month, to process a dog special means from fleas and ticks. In the period of a molt you are not lazy to comb out a dog since the becoming wet dermatitis arises during this period. It occurs because the moist dead hairs stick to skin. Appearance of damp eczemas can cause an infection of ears, anal gland. It is necessary to look to a thicket to a dog in ears and also time in half a year to drive in clinic for cleaning of anal glands. It is the fast and inexpensive procedure. You watch that your canine friend did not bathe in dirty reservoirs. After walk examine a dog – whether some dry cone stuck it into skin. Provide to a dog good nutrition and two times a year feed up vitamin and mineral additives. Then the immunity of an animal will be strong, and the probability to catch some infection will decrease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team