How to treat vomiting at dogs

How to treat vomiting at dogs

Your dog pulled out houses or on walk, and it happened not for the first time? Treat seriously this problem as its reasons can be various. Often vomiting is a symptom of poisoning or disease of a dog therefore in certain cases not to do without consultation of the veterinarian.


1. Analyze the nature of vomiting in what time of day it happened how often tears a dog. Look, than pulled out a dog whether is not present in the emetic mass of blood or worms. Analyze the general condition of a dog (an active dog or sluggish). Touch her nose if it hot, then the dog can have temperature. Check whether is not present at a dog of an abdominal distension, a diarrhea or a lock. Remember, than you fed a dog whether she could eat something on walk.

2. Miss the following feeding of a dog (better not to feed her about 12 hours) if she has only a vomiting, in the absence of other listed above disturbing symptoms (temperature, slackness, a diarrhea, in emetic masses blood or worms). Observe during this time a condition of an animal if vomiting did not repeat, the state did not worsen, feed a dog with boiled rice. For protection mucous a stomach give to the pet the enveloping means (for example, Almagel) or oat-flakes broth.

3. Address the veterinarian, without wasting time if vomiting of a dog frequent, is present at emetic masses blood or worms, it has the general depression, the animal lies, shakes it, it has a hot nose, diarrhea and also if you fed a dog after 12 hours, and again pulled out it several times. The causes of vomiting can be various, they will be established by the veterinarian and will appoint treatment. If the dog got poisoned with low-quality food or ate something on walk, then after vomiting give to a dog water and activated carbon or weak solution of potassium permanganate (first aid, then it is necessary to show a dog to the veterinarian). If this internal disease of digestive tract, the diet and the corresponding treatment which will be appointed by the veterinarian is necessary.

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