How to understand that the domestic rodent got sick

How to understand that the domestic rodent got sick

Rodents are popular pets. They have rather small sizes, and care for them is usually simpler, than for a cat or a dog. The little rodent is capable to become the real family members, and his disease for certain will upset owners.

Symptoms of a disease

The small animal will not tell you that he badly feels, and will not point a finger, where exactly hurts him. You should watch closely a condition of the pet to find out that something is not right. The situation is complicated that herbivorous rodents are the potential victims of predators which prefer to attack patients and the weakened animals as they can be caught without special work. For the sake of survival the hamsters, rabbits and chinchillas got used to hide signs of an indisposition not to draw unnecessary attention to themselves.Nevertheless, on a condition of a small animal it is possible to understand that he is sick. Pay attention to behavior of the favourite. The unwell rodent becomes sluggish, does not want to play with favourite toys and to walk on the apartment. He can sit without budging from a place in a lodge or try to be hammered into other place, dark and protected. The refusal of food will be one of symptoms of feeling sick. To make sure that the animal is valid not as it should be, offer it two-three types of delicacy. Perhaps, it was bothered by habitual food, but if the small animal refuses any food - it is an occasion to prick up the ears. Examine your pet. Dim wool which can even begin to drop out dandruff, allocations from eyes will be symptom of a disease. On skin badly feeling rodent can have reddenings and swellings. The chair will also tell a lot of things about the state of health of the little favourite of family. It is necessary to be disturbed if it became liquid or, on the contrary, the small animal is disturbed by a lock.

What should I do?

If you suspected that your pet got sick, follows at the first opportunity to show it to the veterinarian-ratologu who specializes in diseases of rodents. At these small incredibly fast metabolism of small animals therefore the disease can develop promptly. You should not waste precious time.

Prevention of diseases

You will not be able to protect the pet from all diseases, however precautionary measures will help you to prevent some of them. First of all, you watch closely a diet of a small animal. Rodents – herbivorous therefore they need a special forage. Food from a table does not suit your pet. You can feed up only periodically an animal the vegetables and fruit permitted to it. These small animals do not love dampness and sharp fluctuations of temperature. The heat and drafts influence them equally badly. Establish a cage in the shaded and protected place, and to your favourite it will be comfortable there.

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