How to understand, the dog is pregnant or not

How to understand, the dog is pregnant or not

Emergence of pregnancy at a dog has to become an important signal for her owner. The animal needs change of a food allowance already on early terms of development of germs. Besides, for preservation of future posterity, it is necessary to pay more attention to a dog and to watch her behavior. To distinguish pregnancy not so difficult as can seem at first sight.


1. If you look forward to posterity from the pet, then it is possible to find out pregnancy existence in several days after knitting. Fertilization of an ovum in this case happens after four days. To learn the easiest way about they are to use medical methods. Modern veterinary clinics offer special services for diagnostics of pregnancy at animals – tests and ultrasonography. Specialists of laboratory draw conclusions on the basis of blood test, and ultrasonography will unmistakably confirm its result.

2. It is possible to notice the first signs of pregnancy of a dog also visually. The main signal of fast emergence of posterity is the sharp increase of weight. The animal becomes more sluggish, the stomach is considerably rounded, and mammary glands bulk up.

3. In more late stages of pregnancy the owner of a dog can reveal existence of fruits by means of thorough probing of area of a stomach. Puppies only after 40 days of development are completely formed. During this period it is possible to notice their stir. The dog at the same time, as a rule, does not feel discomfort or pain.

4. After 22 days of pregnancy at a dog the toxicosis can be shown. It is possible to distinguish it on presence of vomiting, nausea, an incoordination of movements and sharp changes of appetite. The animal can categorically refuse food, or ask it constantly. Pay attention that some signs of pregnancy at dogs are individual and depend only on a physical condition and also features of temperament.

5. By 30 days of development of germs the pregnancy at a dog becomes clearly noticeable. Mammary glands substantially bulk up, and from them the liquid reminding milk can periodically be emitted. Around nipples the indumentum gradually begins to drop out. Such moments should not cause concerns in the owner. This situation is a typical picture of manifestation of pregnancy at animals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team