How to untie a cat

How to untie a cat

Puberty at cats comes at the age of ten months. Experts advise some breeds like Maine Coons and Siberians to untie by two years. In order that knitting took place successfully, it is necessary to know some features of this cat's sacrament.


1. To find to the cat the girlfriend for knitting, it is possible to talk to acquaintances who support cats. If your cat thoroughbred, then you have to address to club of fans of cats which is practically in each city. It is also possible to check announcements in the newspaper in category ""Animals"". If it is impossible to find the suitable announcement, then it is possible to give the there. Also in search of the cat's girlfriend the Internet can be useful to you.

2. The most important rule which owners of animals have to know - when knitting the cat is always brought to the house of a cat. It becomes in order that the cat did not apprehend a cat as posyagatel on the territory.

3. Together with a cat to the house of a cat it is necessary to bring her tray with filler, pans and a habitual forage.

4. For knitting in the apartment it is the best of all to allocate the separate room, having supplied it with all cat's attributes. Explain to members of household that during this period of animals it is better not to disturb.

5. If the cat is not untied yet and sees a cat for the first time, then it is worth stocking up with patience. Besides, the cat most needs to get used to new conditions.

6. Skirmishes between animals are at first possible, up to fights. This normal phenomenon, animals need to adapt. As a rule, this period takes two-three days then the cat and a cat need 2-3 more days for successful pairing. For this reason it is the best of all to plan the first knitting for the beginning of a techka of a cat.

7. There are situations when cats and a cat in any do not perceive each other and in all six days of knitting does not occur. In that case experts advise to bring to a cat other cat - perhaps that the following pretender is necessary to him on heart.

8. Owners of a cat should know that if knitting took place successfully, then owners of a cat pay it with in advance stipulated sum, or further give one kitten at choice of owners of a cat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team