How to wash a spaniel

How to wash a spaniel

Spaniels demand thorough care for wool. And not only exhibition dogs. Long wool and the hanging-down ears often are soiled during walks, and it is necessary for the owner accurately and regularly to clean them.

It is required to you

  • - special dogs shampoo
  • - conditioner for long-haired breeds
  • - terry towel
  • - hair dryer


1. In advance prepare all necessary objects in the bathroom not to distract from your pet during washing. Put on clothes which are not a pity for soiling and soaking, the big oil-cloth apron will approach even better. Dogs like to shake off water, and you are threatened by "bathing" too.

2. Put a dog in a dry bathtub, let's everything sniff and include water. Water has to be comfortable and warm. Consider that dogs are more sensitive to water temperature. Not to frighten a dog, start up water from a shower, put a hose on a bathtub bottom, not a solo stream. While water is poured, surely close ears to a spaniel cotton tampons.

3. Take special shampoo for washing of dogs. Usually such shampoos which are strongly concentrated therefore part it in warm water before formation of foam. Plentifully moisten with water hair of a dog that she got wet everything, to the skin. Apply shampoo and quiet movements distribute on all body.

4. Wash away foam warm water from a bucket or a shower. If your spaniel worries, praise him and lure delicacy. Repeat soaping by shampoo and again rinse with clear water.

5. Now take the conditioner. Now exists much for dogs. Try to choose the most suitable for spaniels — on the conditioner it has to be written that it is intended for dogs with long wool. It will be even better if this means is hypoallergenic not to irritate the skin. As a rule, the conditioner needs to be parted with water too — read the instruction on a small bottle. Apply with accurate movements the conditioner on wool to a dog and leave for several minutes. During this time praise a dog, stroke and lure her. Wash away means warm water. Be attentive — even the small amount of the conditioner which remained on wool can irritate the skin subsequently and lead to appearance of an allergy.

6. Let's a dog shake off then cover her with a terry towel. Do not rub wool, just carefully blot it. Some dogs after bathing quite appeasably lie, having wrapped in a dry towel. If your spaniel is capable to lie down within an hour, take a new towel and lay the pet in it that all moisture from wet wool was absorbed. If the dog is mobile and ready to play and run right after washing, it is necessary to dry her the hair dryer. Show the hair dryer to a dog, let's it sniff, treat the pet with delicacy. You dry spaniel hair, accurately combing.

7. After bathing it is not necessary to walk a dog about 6-8 more hours. Otherwise walk with damp wool can lead to the severe cold.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team