How to wash a turtle

How to wash a turtle

The turtle - an animal semidesertic, nevertheless, it too periodically needs washing. Not to do harm to health of a turtle, it is necessary to know how correctly she needs to be bathed.

It is required to you

  • Capacity for washing, children's soap, a foam sponge, warm water, a towel, olive oil, cotton pads.


1. In summertime of year it is possible to wash a turtle in process of pollution. Two times a week plain water, no more once a week with soap use. It is desirable to use water defended or filtered. Water temperature has to be not less than +36 degrees on With, but no more than 37 degrees on Page. washingturtlesThe soft foam sponge will be suitable for . It is strictly forbidden to wash turtles with caustic liquids, use of abrasive means, wire brushes it is excluded too. It is the best of all to use ordinary children's soap. The perfumed soap can cause irritation on skin in a turtle. It is also possible to use liquid hypoallergenic soap. It is better to refrain from use of shower gel in general. Shower gels leave a film on the surface of skin, it can cause feeling of discomfort in a turtle.

2. It is the most convenient to wash a turtle in special capacity. As such capacity the small plastic basin perfectly will approach. Water should not be much, pads of a turtle have to get to the bottom tanks.

3. If the turtle was not strongly soiled, then it is possible to do without soap. Wet a soft foam sponge, moisten a turtle with water and without strong pressing wipe it with a sponge. If the turtle was thoroughly soiled, rub a wet sponge with children's soap, wet a turtle, careful movements of a sponge wash away dirt. Then rinse a turtle with clear water.

4. Do not overturn sharply a turtle, do not allow water ingress and soap on area of the head, in eyes and nostrils. All procedure of washing even at strong pollution should not exceed five minutes.

5. After washing it is necessary to wipe a turtle dry. For this purpose it is possible to use a terry towel, disposable paper towels or napkins. Then it is necessary to rub a tortoise shell with a small amount of olive oil that promotes strengthening of structure of an armor. Moisten with oil a cotton pad and wipe an armor. Even in warm season you do not take out after bathing a turtle on the street.

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