How to wash out the filter in an aquarium

How to wash out the filter in an aquarium

The design and type of the filter define efficiency of water purification in an aquarium. In fact, the filter is a tank for special materials which save the water passing through them from impurity. That filtrational materials provided purity of the habitat of your pets – small fishes, snails, frogs, tritons and turtles, it is necessary to observe strictly the cleaning mode, and if necessary and filler replacements.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - brush;
  • - activated carbon for aquarian filters;
  • - biofiller for aquarian filters;
  • - sponge/foam rubber for aquarian filters.


1. The filtering element of the device of stakanny type (as well as filler of a compartment of mechanical cleaning in the biological filter) represents an ordinary piece of a sponge, the foam rubber or other porous material corresponding in a form and volume of the filtering capacity. Its main feature - full inertness to water. The more a time in a sponge, the it can absorb more dirt and the less often it is required to wash out it. Clean the filter regularly, it is convenient to do it during traditional care for an aquarium – replacements of water, wiping of walls, a soil peretryakhivaniye. Frequency of cleaning is chosen individually, it depends on aquarium volume, on quantity and types of its inhabitants, on the mode of feeding and quality of a forage.

2. Disassemble the mechanical filter over a sink, take a sponge and wash out all details and the filtering material in flowing warm water, purify filler with the easy wringing-out movements. Some use for washing water from an aquarium. Blow filter nozzles, clean the hammered openings on plastic details a toothbrush. Once again rinse. The device can be assembled.

3. In a basis of the biological filter, besides mechanical filtration, the biological basis, namely microorganisms which take part in water purification too is laid. The structure of biofillers represents rough, porous material with a firm surface of type of pumice, expanded clay, etc. which provides bacteria with substrate for activity. Washing of such device practically does not differ from care for the mechanical filter. The only feature - biofiller it is desirable to rub nothing rigid: it is not so durable as sponges. Unfortunately, over time it will be harder and harder to clean the minute pores of ceramics hammered with silt and the rough surface will be polished with water that demands regular replacement of the filtering material. Concrete terms of replacement are specified on packing of biofiller or in the passport of the filter.

4. The filter on the basis of activated carbon is rather effective too. Its granules on all surface are penetrated by a numerous time. But the shortcoming is that a time of activated carbon is not subject to full ventilation by water and is gradually hammered with a suspension. It is possible to wash out coal, but here you will hardly be able to clean a small time. The same, as at mechanical, and coal, in connection with gradually decreasing filtering properties, it is just necessary to change the principle of care for the case of such filter of times in 1-2 months for new.

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