How to wash out to a cat a nose

How to wash out to a cat a nose

Animals, as well as people, are inclined to various diseases. Even the slightest draft can cause rhinitis in a cat which is shown by plentiful allocations from a nose, or, on the contrary, dryness and emergence of scabs. It is necessary to carry out treatment of pets under supervision of the experienced veterinarian.


1. Address to veterinary clinic if noticed any deviations in health of a cat. Release of slime from a nose can testify not only to banal cold, but also to more serious diseases.

2. The doctor will examine your pet and will take analyses. After that will appoint treatment which will include not only administration of drugs, but also washing of a nose if breath at a cat is complicated. You can buy all medicines in veterinary pharmacy. Follow the general instructions. But if with tablets and suspensions more and more or less clear, then it is slightly more difficult to wash out a nose.

3. Prepare physiological solution for washing, it has to be room temperature. It is impossible to use hydrochloric solution as it contains iodine which can provoke development of an allergy and hypostasis of a mucous membrane.

4. Remove a needle from the syringe or use the ordinary pipette for washing. Gather solution in advance and only after that pick up an animal.

5. If you have a quiet cat, then put her on knees and, slightly holding, dig her a nose. There is enough about 0, 5 mg of solution on one nostril. If the animal begins to worry strongly, then ask somebody to take it. Try not to frighten a pet not to injure his mentality.

6. Wash out us to a kosha about 3 times a day. When there occur improvements, carry out the procedure day only in the evening. On average cold at an animal will pass in 4-6 days. If improvements are not observed, again visit veterinary clinic and consult to the doctor.

7. Remove residues of moisture from a nose of an animal, having blotted it with a clean handkerchief.

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