How to weigh a dog

How to weigh a dog

If you care for health and healthy nutrition of the four-footed pet, you have to know always how many he weighs. It is necessary not only to control its weight and to support a dog in good physical shape. In case of a disease you should give to a dog of medicine, a dose of many them them calculate taking into account its weight. Therefore many owners of dogs keep magazines in which write down this parameter in time to react and do not pass the beginning of pathological changes.


1. Producers of accessories for dogs marketed special scales for room breeds. They cost a little more one and a half hundred dollars and on them with an accuracy of 0.02 kg it is possible to weigh a dog which weight does not exceed 6 kg. Put an animal on the small platform from stainless steel, and on a board the exact weight of your favourite will be highlighted.

2. A dog who is restless and playful it is difficult to persuade to be motionless on scales. In this case you can use a spring steelyard. Put a dog in a bag and weigh it, then separately measure the weight of a bag and subtract it from the first value. Accuracy of such measurement, of course, will be not really high, the deviation will make about 0.1-0.2 kg.

3. If at your place there are bathroom scales, then you can control not only the weight, but also weight of your canine friend. Get up on scales, define how many you weigh and write down the received value. Then take a dog on hands and be again weighed already together with her. Write down result and subtract from it value of your weight.

4. You will be able to weigh a dog of any size in veterinary clinic. They are usually equipped with special, quite exact scales on which weigh animals. In this case you should not lift a dog on hands.

5. The large dog can be weighed on big bathroom scales which use on distribution vegetable warehouses. At the command of "Sit!" force to stand the pet on the platform of scales and record his weight.

6. As a last resort visit together with a dog in the nearest airport. In halls of the airports there are always scales intended for weighing of baggage. Not to cause complaints of employees, muzzle on the pet, a lead, take with yourself the newspaper and lay it on scales before put on them an animal.

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