How to write the announcement of sale of kittens or puppies

How to write the announcement of sale of kittens or puppies

Owners of cats and dogs at emergence in their pets of cubs try to attach the last in good hands, at the same time thoroughbred animals the posterity can make additional profit. Sale is usually carried out by giving in printed media of the announcement which is formed taking into account some rules.

Type of the announcement

That the potential buyer could read all announcement with interest and obtain from it information maximum, it is necessary to specify the main characteristics of the pet in its text briefly: breed, age, sex and some other. At the same time it is not necessary to abuse qualitative adjectives: good, fine, remarkable – as such contents "will inflate" the announcement therefore the reader can not reach the end and jump eyes on the following.

The ideal size of the text containing transfer of all parameters of kittens or puppies is 5-7 lines of a newspaper column, and the last is given to a contact information. Too short announcement will not disclose full information on the sold animal, and many people calling with intention to get the pet after all will not buy it.

If sale of pets is a major activity of their manufacturer, then he can in realize several dung at one time. Therefore he has to limit information submitted in each article, one dung. That is the Scottish lop-eared will be on sale in one announcement, and British blue – in another.

Announcement contents

As the newspaper heading usually already includes the words "Animals" and "I will sell", having noted a tick the corresponding point in the coupon, there is no need to repeat. It is necessary to begin at once with the words of "kittens" or "puppies", then to specify breed and sex. If it is several small animals, then they are grouped: 1 girls and 2 boys. If the pet nechistokroven, but is obliged by the origin to thoroughbred mom and dad, then it is necessary to write "from parents of such and such breeds". For an animal of humble origin it will be useful to add "from a cat mousetrap" or "dogs watchmen". For inexperienced readers it is possible to specify characteristic signs: color, wool length, flat muzzle or unusual shape of ears.

The age is surely specified in a format: "1 month, 3 months, 1 year". Monthly kittens and puppies are still too small and dependent on mother to transfer them into strange hands, however some owners prefer to sell them at such age, such small animals the easiest become attached to new owners. However to the last passes also an obligation for schooling of the new favourite to a toilet or walking on the street. Presence at the grown-up animal such skill can be added to the text. Contact data have to go the finishing point: phone is obligatory, and it is better to add the e-mail address and the area of residence. Mail is useful for the correspondence acquaintance and viewing photos, especially if purchase is carried out from other city, and the area should be specified if the settlement is too big and future owner does not wish to carry the pet from far away.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team