Hypodermic tick at a cat: how to help a pet

Hypodermic tick at a cat: how to help a pet

Under hair of a cat different types of pincers often live, without causing at the same time any troubles. But sometimes, especially if the animal is weakened by the postponed disease, the tick becomes more active, and the cat gets sick demodekozy.

What is demodekoz

Demodekoz - the rare, but quite dangerous disease caused by a hypodermic tick of Demodex gatoi. At the same time hair follicles of an animal where the tick lays the eggs are surprised. As a result wool at a cat begins to drop out, and the baldness centers are formed. At the same time also other signs of the desease which are evident to attentive owners at once are observed.

Symptoms of a demodekoz at cats

If at a cat a hypodermic tick – the animal becomes uneasy, constantly scratches. On the combed sites there are gnoynichka and crusts. Most often skin round eyes is surprised, on ears and a nose bridge is the localized form of a demodekoz. In the started cases there are sites of baldness on a body, such form of a disease is called generalized.

Diagnostics and treatment

It is impossible to diagnose a hypodermic tick for cats on symptoms alone. There are several types of hypodermic pincers, and signs of defeat by them will look absolutely equally. But treatment, nevertheless, is required a miscellaneous. Therefore for installation of the exact diagnosis in veterinary clinic the biopsy of the site of the struck fabric undertakes. As medicines for disposal of pincers are toxic, it is extremely important to observe the correct dosage. To competently calculate quantity of means and frequency rate of processing only the veterinarian can. Therefore you should not risk animal life, buying the first "means from pincers" in veterinary pharmacy and to process the pet according to any scheme. Treatment of a demodekoz is performed by antiparasitic medicines in the form of ointments and also intake of vitamins and immunomodulators. It is necessary to bathe a cat with special shampoo against dermatitis. After bathing it is possible to apply olive or linseed oil on the gone bald sites of skin. It is necessary to track that several hours the cat was not licked. After oil completely is absorbed, it is possible to apply means which was written out by the veterinarian on affected areas. Usually as anti-parasitic means it is appointed the following ointments: "Sulfuric", Safroderm, Tsitioat, "Amidel-gel", Amitrazin. The sick cat should be fed with the balanced, vitaminized food, to give to drink mineral water. The localized forms of a demodekoz at competently picked up therapy completely pass in 6-8 weeks, and affected areas acquire wool again. On treatment of generalized forms several months are required.

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