If your pet has an obesity

If your pet has an obesity

Every second pet has obesity. And who is guilty? We are guilty, owners of our unfortunate pets.

If the person likes to fill to himself a stomach, then it, most likely, also generously shares food and with the canine friend. As a result the animal accumulates fat too and suffers from the various diseases connected a lot of weight subsequently. If in your family all stroynyashka, including "cats" and "jolly-boats", then this article not for you - you can read it unless for prevention. And if, as they say, everything is difficult? Then - we will start. So, how to determine the level of physical shape of your shaggy friend?

Normal weight at cats.

If edges and a backbone of a cat cannot almost be groped under a thick fat layer, the stomach reminds a keg, and the diagnosis of the veterinarian unambiguous - obesity, then your Muska should be imprisoned urgently on a diet and to send to fitness. The veterinarian will help to develop a special diet to you. Our canine friends spend the most part of time rolling on rugs or sofas. Agree that for an animal it is absolutely abnormal. And therefore following step: make cat's life of more active, after all, it is useful and is cheerful also to an animal, and you. Force the favourite to work: buy her a ball or a lively mouse - that it has more to liking. Force it to run, "hunt" until it reaches an ideal form. What is an ideal form for a cat? First, she has to look as a cat, that is to have, beautiful, harmonious proportions. At the same time edges and bones of a basin are not visible, but are easily probed, on a stomach and a breast there is a thin layer of fat, and the waist is looked through. Yes, cats, as well as at women, have to have a waist! Norm for dogs. As for dogs then everything is slightly more difficult. If, say, cats can sometimes turn away from a full bowl, then representatives of some breeds of dog are ready to absorb food for day without a break. And therefore control of their food entirely on your conscience. The dog with an excess weight cannot just be brought to the street and to force to run for hours behind a stick - it can be come to a bad end. "Weight loss" of a dog needs to be made slowly and gradually. It is regularly good to weigh your favourite and to compare the obtained data with the special table where the breed, age and the weight corresponding to these indicators are specified. Such tables are in any vetklinika, or they can be found in the Internet. The deviation for 10% in plus or minus - is not terrible, and here if it is more, then it is a serious occasion to sound the alarm. In what danger of obesity? Somebody for certain will ask: and what, actually, problems? At neighbors the cat at a door does not pass, but lives and does not complain? Problems though them it is also not visible at once, unfortunately, are, and over time they will only accrue. The fact is that obesity gives big load of joints, and they quickly wear out, practically disappear, and it is impossible to cure them. Blood circulation is broken that can cause heart failure. Excess fat presses on easy and lenny animals are predisposed to diabetes, they have a high blood pressure... Do you see how many problems? To put it briefly, the age of the animal having obesity is extremely short. Deficiency of weight. The lost weight meets at pets infrequently, but we will mention it. Most often falling of weight is connected with refusal of food. And refusal of food - usually a problem with a stomach. The cat it can have a wool lump which it could not otrygnut, at a dog - the got stuck bone. Perhaps, it is an internal disease, but anyway long refusal of food - the serious reason for a trip to the veterinarian. But happens and so that just food tasteless. And dogs still can not eat because to them it is sad. Give to the friend what he never refused, amuse him - you look, and will help, and it is not necessary to call the doctor. There is a wish to add that the easiest way to provide to the favourite long and happy life - the mode. Feeding, walks - everything is accurate according to the schedule. At the same time it is not so important how many times a day you feed the friend, the main thing - quantity and quality of food which he receives, and the same time of feeding. The healthy, moderate nutrition and necessary physical activities - this for centuries the checked law of health and longevity! This law repeatedly proved the viability and never brought anybody. Follow it together with the favourites, and everything at you will be good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team