Large breeds of dog: rules of contents

Large breeds of dog: rules of contents

The dog of large breed can become the reliable defender and the devoted security guard for the owner. However she demands special conditions for contents, the city apartment will not always be for it suitable option.

Dogs whose height in withers exceeds 70 cm - sheep-dogs, a collie, St. Bernards, Newfoundland dogs, likes and many others treat large breeds. They demand the spacious room for contents, careful training and good nutrition. To get such dog means to undertake heavy responsibility before buying a puppy of a sheep-dog or a St. Bernard, it should be taken into account carefully everything and to weigh.

FoodThe large dog has to receive enough proteins and also calcium and phosphorus. Ready forages are very convenient and considerably save time which is spent on cooking for your pet. Puppies of large breeds increase the weight in the first year of life by 70 times, they have to receive vitamin and mineral fertilizing. Proteins are necessary animal origin, vegetable proteins will not be good nutrition for puppies. Recommend not to feed puppies of large breeds with porridges as the large volume of food is harmful to a stomach, such food gives big body weight that badly affects development of a skeleton. If you do not use ready-made feeds, the diet of a puppy has to consist approximately of 60% of meat and an offal and 40% of light filler (wheat bran or cereal flakes). By the end of growth, as a rule, in 18-20 months of puppies transfer to an adult diet. It is possible to give any meat in a crude, half-baked or boiled look, but it is better to exclude pork. Food volume for one feeding of an adult dog is about 2 liters. Half-baked or crude meat is given only after deep freezing, so you will be able to prevent infection with parasites. If you feed a dog with fish, boil it and surely remove all bones.


For maintenance of a normal tone of muscles long walks (about 5-6 hours a day) and also big physical activities are required for large dogs. If you cannot provide to the large pet such rhythm of life, it is the best of all not to get a dog of the big size. Swimming and run help to hold an animal in shape and well strengthen muscles. It is the most useful to large dogs long walks of average intensity. Obstacle race perfectly develops endurance, and for increase in a tone of muscles of paws it is necessary to run on friable snow or shallow water.

Training and leaving

Training is a necessary element of education of a dog of large breed. The well-mannered animal will not be dangerous to the owner and members of his family. It is easier to cope with an obedient dog on walk, he does not cause any inconveniences for people around. It is worth to remember about regular comb-out of wool even if the dog lives on the street. For the period from spring to fall it is necessary to buy a special collar from parasites and also to process wool parasiticide means. During a molt recommend to comb out wool at least once a day, and it is better to do it more often — two or three times within a day.

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