Magnificent cockatoo in the house

Magnificent cockatoo in the house

If in the apartment or the house there is a lot of place, then it is possible to get such parrot as a cockatoo. In appearance they quite big – up to 70 centimeters. Of course, and they have to have a big cage. But beauty of a cockatoo quite blocks all shortcomings.

Cockatoos are not simply beautiful, they are very beautiful. From other parrots they are distinguished by almost total absence of green color in a coloring and existence of the extended feathers on a forehead. Their feathers happen yellow, pink, black or white color. A female there are a little less males. 

The cockatoo have a big bent beak. It very strong can also break even wooden partitions. 

Cockatoos badly fly. They move, jumping from a branch on a branch. Also they very easily go on the ground. 

Cockatoos are very tied to the pack. If such bird gets to bondage and has no partner, then its attention completely switches to the owner who looks after him. If the bird feels love and care from the person, then and itself begins to treat also him. The cockatoo does not transfer loneliness. There are cases when, being long without the owner, birds were ill and even perished. 

The cage size for a cockatoo should not be less than a meter. It is good if is possible more. And if it is the open-air cage – then the sizes have to be: two meters - in width, two – in height, 6 – in length.

Surely there has to be a big container with water – cockatoos like to take a bath. It is also good to make for it the place for a dream. It has to be a little covered for tranquility of a bird.

The cage of a cockatoo demands thorough leaving. It needs constantly to be washed and disinfected. Water needs also to be changed often.

Eats with a cockatoo mix from grains: millet, sunflower, oats and nuts. They can cook eggs, or potato also. 

Parrots of a cockatoo very much love light of the sun. It to them is simply vital. Under light the sun at them undergoes blood circulation better. In warm time it is worth taking out a cockatoo on light. But also it does not need to overheat.

Cockatoo very expensive. In every sense this word. Their price is quite impressive. It will afford not everyone.

Cockatoos are long-livers. Statistically, they live in house conditions 30-40 years. Though there are certain individuals who live even longer. 

Buying by a cockatoo, it is necessary to pay attention to what I will scare it is necessary to pay much attention. And care for such big bird takes time and demands efforts. Therefore not each person suits such pet. It is better for busy persons to think of a birdie of the smaller size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team