Medicines from pincers for dogs

Medicines from pincers for dogs

Pincers are very dangerous to people and to animals as they are carriers of diseases. Dogs after each walk during the warm period need to be examined carefully, but nevertheless it is better to think of protection of the pet against attack of pincers in advance.

Why pincers are dangerous

The season of hunting of pincers for warm-blooded begins with a descent of snow and emergence of the first spring greens. These insects are dangerous that also lives of diseases are carriers extremely hazardous to health. A number of these diseases is small, but all of them are very artful: viral encephalitis, borreliosis, a piroplasmosis (this illness is most often transmitted to dogs from pincers).

The peak of special activity of pincers falls on the warm periods of spring and fall. But it is necessary to process pets means from pincers in March and to continue to do it regularly, according to the instruction to medicine. Single processing is obviously not enough for reliable protection of a dog against attack of the bloodsucker.

The most widespread and reliable medicines from pincers for dogs

Spot-it, or drops on withers. The choice of means of a such type now very rich, in these medicines there can be different active ingredients and period of validity of protection against parasites. Do not forget to celebrate somewhere in a visible place date of processing in time to carry out following. Choose means by the size of a dog as there will not be enough pipette for a puppy or the representative of small breed for a large dog. It is impossible to wash the pet before processing within 3-4 days. Here some of the means presented at the market: 1. Frontline (France) does not possess the frightening-off action, protects from infection with a piroplasmosis. Medicine contains active ingredient fipronit, killing a tick when that sucks animal blood. Fipronil is not toxic for dogs and does not cause allergies. It is authorized to use Frontline for protection of pregnant women and feeding a bough, puppies (since two months) and representatives of small breeds.2. On the basis of a fipronil also other medicines were created: "Practician", Rolf Club, "Mr. Bruno", "Fiprex".3. The medicines "Advantix", "Hartz", "Dana", "Chistotel", "Bars" are produced on the basis of fosfororganichesky connections and permethrins. They possess contact action on a parasite - the tick perishes at contact with hair of a dog. At such medicines some, but very fat minus - they easily wash off. That is, having been caught in the rain or having run on a pool, the pet will lose protection. Also these means do not suit either pregnant females, or puppies, or sick or old dogs. Other type of medicines from pincers are sprays. Here the same set of active active ingredients - fipronit also pyrethroids.1. Sprays on the basis of a fipronil (Frontline and others) can be applied as additional protection to drops. Usually spray process those places which are subject to frequent bathings - legs, ears, bryl. Sprays with fipronily are not recommended to be applied to too shaggy dogs as active ingredient can not reach skin, having remained on animal hair. 2. It is necessary to spray with spray on the basis of pyrethroids a dog against wool growth. It is necessary to do it on the street, previously having closed a nose, eyes and the pet's ears. Indications and contraindications at these means same, as well as at similar drops.

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