Royal mastiff: features of breed

Royal mastiff: features of breed

The official name of this handsome – the German mastiffs. These are huge stately dogs, standards of their breed were for the first time approved in Berlin in 1880 and since then repeatedly changed.


The most important delusion – to think that the frightening sizes of the German mastiff correspond to his character. Actually, it is very sociable and friendly dogs differing in patience.

The German mastiffs are ideal pets for family. They are gentle and tender, devoted and sociable. Houses with family like to spend much time. There are, of course, also difficulties in education of these dogs. First, they are suitable for the people who already have experience of communication with dogs more. Mastiffs can sometimes be quite capricious and independent. Besides, the German mastiff will not be suitable as the partner for those people who long time are absent houses – the dog constantly needs the company. In general the royal mastiff approaches as a sentry dog. He barks very little, but will bark at strangers surely, besides, foreign people are frightened by already sizes and appearance of a dog.


In respect of leaving the German mastiff is not too whimsical. Dogs almost do not fade, for care for wool it is enough to put in order wool the rubberized brush from time to time. It is not recommended to bathe dogs because of the big sizes and features of wool, it is better to use dry shampoo. Also dogs are recommended to cut off claws not shortly from time to time. Mastiffs need to brush regularly teeth and to perform inspection of ears, a nose, paws and eyes.


One more feature of a mastiff with which it is necessary to be careful – a dog simply does not realize the huge sizes therefore she easily can bring down the person from legs, having joyfully jumped for a greeting. On walk of a dog can strongly be soiled and also they observe the strengthened salivation. As well as any dog, the German mastiff needs to begin to be brought up since early childhood. Owing to features of its character, on a dog it is impossible to shout and apply to her other severe punishments at all. It is worth remembering that mastiffs are affectionate and sensitive dogs therefore they adopt emotions of the owner, it needs to be considered at education too. On the street of a dog are very active, but before achievement of two-year age this activity needs to be limited to prevent development of diseases of bones and joints. Dogs like to see off on the street till several hours, excepting cold wet weather.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team