Rules of care for bassets

Rules of care for bassets

Bassets treat friendly breed, very kindly get on with children. They are very observant and curious therefore with these dogs very interestingly. Health at bassets stable, but that to your pet it was comfortable - it is necessary to follow some rules of contents.

1. Laying. The first that is necessary before appearance of the kid in the house - to prepare for it the cozy place. At bassets on a slippery floor of a paw creep away extensively and consequently paws and fingers are incorrectly formed. Lay a floor a big rag or newspapers. To a puppy will comfortably run, and paws will not part at the movement. It is necessary to erase a laying 2-3 times a day, and to change newspapers 3-4 times a day for new. You watch closely the kid that he did not eat the laying and newspapers. Arrange a stove bench for a dream on the small eminence, in the secluded place without drafts.

2. Feeding. Begin to feed a puppy from the very beginning correctly. First of all install a bowl with food and water belts of a dog are slightly higher. Let the puppy be a little tightened behind food, but does not bend. The first two months 6 times a day are recommended to feed a basset. Give to a puppy the cottage cheese mixed with crude egg or milk porridge in the morning (buckwheat, rice, wheat, gerkulesovy). It is good to add minerals for growth of young dogs who it is possible to get in veterinary pharmacy to a morning diet. Carry out the second feeding approximately at 11 o'clock in the afternoon feed a puppy with the porridge cooked on meat broth. It is possible to add grated fresh carrots to porridge also.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon feed a puppy with the wetted and bulked up dry dog food. It is possible to presoak a forage both in warm boiled water, and in warm kefir. At 16:00 make vegetable stew - cut into small pieces potatoes, carrots, a squash, beet and boil. On the fifth feeding at 6 o'clock in the evening prepare the wetted dry feed. At 20-21 o'clock feed a puppy with crude meat with a small amount of raw and boiled vegetables.

3. Vaccination. The first inoculations become to a basset in one and a half months. Till this time to remove it is impossible to walk on the street of a puppy. By means of antigelmetik carry out prevention of worms, and in 10 days go to an inoculation. Antigelmetik give in the morning before food, and in 4-5 hours - activated carbon. It will help to bring the remains of worms out of an organism. Sometimes prevention of worms is carried already out by manufacturers therefore specify when you will buy a puppy what procedures were carried out and what vaccination already did to a basset. The list of inoculations to you will be prompted at the veterinary station, but it precisely will be plague, enteritis, hepatitis, Adenovirus inoculations, a parvogripp, rage. 4. Health and leaving. After all vaccination is done, bring a puppy to the street and walk with him as much as possible. This breed of dog is very inclined to obesity therefore physical activity has to be enough. Cut claws of a dog by means of the special nail clipper. You clean ears of a puppy every ten days the soft rag moistened in warm water. It is not necessary to comb a basset, it is not recommended to wash often. After the street wipe paws of a dog and wool with a damp soft rag. If at a basset fleas were got - use a special collar or drops on withers. Protect dogs from overcooling. Do not walk long in cold weather or in the rain. 5. Training. If you do not seek to make a dog exhibition, then there is enough from 2 to 4 months to teach a puppy to the main teams: ""To me"", ""Faugh"", ""Place"" and also an otklikaniya on a nickname. And the main thing - be not afraid to consult on veterinarians and manufacturers - they with pleasure will help you to grow up a healthy basset!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team