Than to treat a hoarseness of a dog

Than to treat a hoarseness of a dog

The hoarseness at a dog speaks about presence of a disease. The rattle can be wet or dry depending on the place of origin (trachea, lungs, bronchial tubes). The careful owner should not disregard this illness. It is the best of all to show the pet to the veterinarian.

Types of rattles at dogs

Damp rattles are observed when in airways blood or exudate accumulates. Air, passing through a barrier, makes a specific sound which can be heard at a breath and an exhalation even at distance. This symptom testifies to the following diseases: bronchial pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary edema, pulmonary bleeding.

At emphysema of lungs, pneumonia and fibrosis deaf, bitter rattles are observed. It occurs during passing of air which separates bound together alveoluses. The whistling sound can be observed at hit in a trachea of a foreign matter, glottis paralysis.

Some diseases of a respiratory system are inherent in a certain breed. The chihuahua, toy terriers, spitz-dogs are subject to collapse of a trachea. Initially there is cough, then the state worsens, the dog pants, chokes, faints.

Hoarseness reasons

Treatment is carried out, proceeding from the reasons of emergence of rattles at a breath and an exhalation. It is possible to make the diagnosis only after the full laboratory research. To a dog the X-ray analysis, a bronkhoskopiya is appointed. Surgery is necessary at hard cases: paralysis of vocal chords, collapse of a trachea.

Treatment of a disease

At a laryngeal edema the drug treatment helps, in special cases the artificial ventilation of lungs will be required. This illness occurs generally in old animals. The disease is followed by short wind and even faints. At bronchitis and pneumonia antibiotics and protivokashlevy medicines are appointed. These diseases mainly arise in cold season. Are followed by cough, pallor of mucous membranes, feeling sick at a dog and a hoarseness. Strange sounds during breath can appear as a result of hit in airways of foreign objects. The dry feed can even act as such subject. In similar situations carrying out a bronkhoskopiya for release of airways is required. New growths can serve as the reason of emergence of rattles in the favourite pet too. In this case it is necessary to reveal the tumor nature, a disease stage. At best the doctor will appoint chemotherapy. Happens and so that the owner too late notices an illness at the pet, at this stage the disease is already incurable. Treatment of a pulmonary edema will be successful at the correct statement of the reason of its emergence. It can be both a viral infection, and heart failure. In that case intensive antiedematous therapy is required.

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